Thursday, February 18, 2010


For the first time in my life I'm reading the scriptures not straight through a book but topical. My first topic of choice was Joy. I realized I needed to find more joy in my current role in life. I needed to enjoy my life. I needed to find "joy in the journey" as the phrases says. This is what I found, joy is not found very often in the scriptures, but when it is almost always in reference to eternal life. So this is what I realized, the only time we find true joy in this life, is when try to mimic eternity in our homes, and try to have a family worthy of eternal life. Am I succeeding? No, am I trying, yes.

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  1. That's interesting what you point out about joy in the scriptures is almost always referring to eternal life. Maybe not every moment here in this life is going to be joyful--what matters is that we are overall working towards the joy of eternal life.

    A couple of weeks ago in an interview with a member of the stake presidency, the counselor said that sometimes we have times in our lives that are just plain hard and crummy--but we just do our best, even if our best isn't very good. And eventually it will pass. (His example was when they had small children--life was really hard for him and his wife.) For some reason it was liberating for me to hear that, no, there is not going to be joy ALL along the journey. But "this too shall pass" and "the future is as bright as our faith."