Wednesday, February 17, 2010


You can't really tell from this picture, but yesterday morning, I spent a LOT of time, decorating for my son's birthday party. I used two packages of streamers, yellow and gray, in not a very large area. I didn't want any left overs to store, so I used the entire packages of both. In the middle of things, my husband came out of "his office" (our bedroom) and sat on the recliner, watching me. He started to laugh under his breath. I said "what?" Smiling, he replied, "You don't ever do things half way do you?" My style is over the top, which explain the multitude of things on my craft blog, millions of blankets for my kids, home made toy/dolls, cookies, cookies, and more cupcakes than anyone should make in a month, I have a tendency to be a little extreme. But that is why my husband is perfect for me, my over indulgence doesn't overwhelm him, he just stays in the background smiling, happy he is not the center of attention, laughing at his wife's eccentricities.

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