Monday, December 31, 2012

8 years

Brent and I celebrated our anniversary. It was completely unglamorous, I will spare you the details, and share some highlights. We used our free babysitting in Utah to go out. I really wanted to take a picture with Brent in front of the temple, it was beautiful with all that snow, but he worked part of the week so I never made it over with him. On our actual anniversary he went hometeaching and made pizza for the whole family plus three kids who we were babysitting while their parents were in the hospital with a new baby. A day later he bought me a memory pad because he is dreamy like that and knew how much I wanted one. I am really ok with this as anniversary, I really have no need to waste our money in romantic getaways, and expensive dates. One day yes, but this season is little babies and one day when we no longer have to wipe their bums we'll travel. I adore my husband and his willingness to serve others makes me love him far more than flowers and candy.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

A favorite

A few years ago my mom gave me one of her nativities. The Fontanini has always been one of my favorites I would always rearrange it and play with it as I was growing up.
 This year she gave me a stable, and an angel. I have wanted an angel for years and finally asked for one.
She also gave me a woman at the well sans well.
In a side note this piece has been one of my favorites this year. It's me, baby A and nan.

The inside of my stable looks a little silly, so I think I need a few more animals next year.  A donkey, and other such things, like maybe more sheep or some poultry.  I don't think I need anymore dogs.
Also one of these years I am going to buy some wiseman.  The downfall is the wiseman set I really love is discontinued so it costs a good $150, one of the wisemen is on a elephant.  I love it.  I think I'll settle for a different one, still the one where they are all riding camels is $75.  I think one year I'll save my money and get wiseman riding on animals, because that is really what I want.

Hanging lake

On the way home from Utah off I-70, we stopped to hike hanging lake. It was my husband's idea of romantic getaway with three kids. Three hours of snow hiking, with me carrying the baby, and he carrying the four year who wouldn't walk because her toe was smashed a day earlier. It was cold, beautiful, insane, slippery, and amazing. The water was still moving among all the ice.

A white Christmas

We went to Utah for Christmas. I really wanted to bring baby A out to meet my grandma, so we decided for a multitude of reasons this was the best time. It was nice between my grandma living 5 miles from my mother in laws and living in utah for years i haven't stayed with my grandparents in a long time. It was nice to be back.

 It was our first car trip with the minivan.

We saw cousins in Logan.

We spent Christmas Eve with Brent's mom for her birthday, his dad and a few siblings.

We spent Christmas Day with my grandparents, parents, aunt, uncle and a few cousins. My oldest got to play with my cousin's oldest. Which was great because even though the boys don't remember they have played together a lot in the past. Spent Boxing Day with my grandparents, parents, brother, sister, and families.

Then had two more days to spread between all the grandparents. Josh even got to go sledding with Brent's dad, and made a snowman. These are some highlights based on what I took on my phone.

Saturday, December 8, 2012


My husband has an upcoming work party, my plan was to pay a babysitter to put my older kids to bed and put the baby to bed before I leave. For at least two months he had been sleeping from 7 pm until at least 11 pm if not 3 am. Then the last 10 days happened he turned into a terrible sleeper waking up all evening to eat. I couldn't leave him with a teenager if he wasn't going to sleep. So I busted out the bottles and guess what he took!
I was so surprised my other kids wouldn't take a bottle until after they figured out a slippy cup. I wondered what I did wrong the previous times. Then I remembered this child takes a paci unlike the other children. Now we are ready for the babysitter. Plus after me sanitizing the bottles and such yesterday he slept through the night last night 9 pm until 6 am, then took two hour nap today and then a four nap. Thankfully today is looking a lot better than yesterday.