Tuesday, February 16, 2010


After our valentine's party, we traveled down to have a big party with everyone at my in laws. My husband's brother in law shares his birthday to the year. They both turned 28. Six out of the eight siblings and families made an appearance Sunday night. My daughter loves cake! she couldn't wait for the party to start and had some before.
Of course my almost 4 year old also got to blow out candles. These cupcakes were chocolate with whip cream, per my husband's request, with of course sprinkles on top. I love sprinkles.
I didn't notice until now, but my daughter and I have very similar expressions on our face. What can we say, we love those brown haired, brown eye, valentine birthday boys.

It was a nice party, I didn't have to clean my house, or cook dinner. Turns out I really need a break from regular life, it was nice to be around family and chat for an evening. Not to mention, I'm not one to have a lot of friends, so its nice I have so many sister in laws, I now I have so many female friends, its amazingly nice and relaxing.

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