Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hollowing Time

We hollowed out our pumpkin on Monday night. The three year old was scared of the pumpkin, but after watching his sister bravely put her hand in and out, and pull out guts, he was willing to try. The baby loved the pumpkin, helping clean out the guts, eating the guts, spitting the guts out, sucking on the guts. Dad was in charge of the camera, so there was a lot. It was really quite funny to watch the baby. Unfortunately the dad was called away to do homework, so there is no face on the pumpkin, we just have a hollow pumpkin, lets hope it gets a pattern cut out of it before Saturday night.


I've only been trying to get a movie of my daughter walking for about a month now.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A bug

For what reason I'm much more shopping needy this season than I have been in years. What I really want, is about 5 more gap or old navy long sleeve Ts, pretty much one in each color. I know I'm awful.
A circle hobo bag.
And a pair of brown boots for under $40.
I feel like everyone has brown boots but me, which is not true, its just two girls that also teach in primary have boots and I do not. I guess that means I'm coveting. I'm a boot lover. As a child, when everyone else would get new atheltic shoes for school, I got boots. I didn't want to play sports and I didn't want that footwear. I have stupid feet every since a hiking issue when I was 17, so I can't wear much other than Birkenstocks and expensive running shoes. But I refuse to be a mom that always wears running shoes, my husband doesn't understand. But all I want is boots. I have snow boots, rain boots, black tall boots, now I need brown boots. I almost bought some patchwork brown boots a few years ago, but they were two sizes too big, which means they now would only be one size too big. But none the less. I'm a sinner, if you are wearing brown boots this fall to church, I'm jealous.
Now for the hobo, leather, or at least fake leather has been in for the past few years. I have not jumped on the wagon. I will now be blunt, rude, and mean, but I do not like most of the "fashionable" leather "in style" purses right now. I refuse to wear something that looks like what my mother wore when I was a small child. I have a vivid memory, no, no to poofy wrinkly leather/faux leather bags. My husband and I had a conversation about these "grandma bags" the other day in the store. Anyway, I found the type of leather bag I want. These cut out circle bags. An ebay seller, as a lot of options. I like the green, pewter/silver/black, and oddly the pink, but I wouldn't actually want the pink. It looks like the seller has about a 100 to sell, so I can take my sweet time finding $30. And then decided I don't have the $30, and fall back on my suede chevron stripe purse (the purse on the right), and forget the faux leather. (I was 5 months pregnant with my son in this picture, on my birthday.)
I like polka dots, stripes, and chevron stripes.

Chosen Field

About the time I moved to our apartment, I started second guessing my chosen field. It went along quite nicely with my quarter life crisis. I think I mentioned this before, but I wondered why I didn't pick a better field that is easier to share with motherhood. How come I know longer play the piano, or violin (oh yes, I hated practicing, and sitting still)? How come I didn't go into Education (oh yes I don't like kids that much)? How come I didn't do something like cosmology (oh yes, I don't even like getting myself ready let alone other people)? But then I remember, I really love what I studied for my undergrad.
The few times my kids and I end up on campus, with my husband, I end up seeing something that says, Political Science, and then I become so jealous that my husband GETS to go to school again. When he first started we went with him to bookstore, and his marketing books were on one side of the aisle and the Polsci books were on the other, and I almost took a picture with my phone, but I didn't want the bookstore employees to see me and yell at me. They run a tight ship at those university bookstore. A few weeks ago the kids and I went up to campus to see my husband, he had been studying up there all day, and a final that night, it was the kids only chance to see him all day. After he went to go take his final, my son wasn't ready to go home yet, so we were wondering around campus. My son happened to have an accident right in front of the building, that houses the political science department. The crazy thing is, he NEVER has accidents anymore, seriously never, and he had just gone a few minutes earlier. It was like divine intervention to get me into that building to remind me how much I love my chosen field. In some ways, I never want my babies to grow up, I want to always have lazy mornings in bed, and slobbery kisses, and hugs. See those chubby cheeks, and those fat short fingers. And other times I can't wait until all my kids are in school, and I can do something more. Like get a masters, or do something political scientific regularly. At this point, I don't have time for anything other than reading newspapers, with my husband gone so much. If he wasn't in school, I could do something in addition to being a stay at home mom, but right now, I have to be at home all the time with my kids, because they don't understand why that see daddy so rarely, so it wouldn't be fair to them.

Monday, October 26, 2009

My smidgen

My husband spent a long time coming up with my daughter's nickname from him. My husband decided he needed my son's approval. During this time smidgen stuck of for me, I call her half a dozen things if not more but I like smidgen, because as I often say she is just a smidgen of a girl. Which is true thing of her size comparison to an adult. Here is what my 10 month old has been up to. I needed to record all this for history sake.

She loves Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

She has four teeth two up and two down. She started to dance, and she recently added clapping into her dance routine. Although she has been clapping for a month or more, maybe. She also loves to sing, and always sings along. At this point she is tone deaf to boot. She took her first steps, and has become a walker. Crawling was her primary mode after starting to walk, its quickly disappearing, and usually is only used when she is sad and is trying to get to one of us.
The other night enjoyed walking from her bedroom to the kithen carrying her clothes in the kitchen, and other things like her sippy cup into her bedroom. She pretty much walks anywhere she wants to these days, and even successfully walked in the kitchen with tights on. She has is proud of her new milestones, she often looks at me like did you see what I just did. She is in a very sweet age. She gives me hugs a lot, she occasionally gives me kisses, she get very giddy when she see her mommy and daddy kiss or hug. The other day she sat quietly sucking her thumb on her daddy's lap for a good 20 minutes while he was working from home. She didn't try to touch the keyboard or anything, I'm assuming she knew it was her one chance to soak up good quality daddy time with his crazy schedule. She gave up baby mush unforunately, she loves cheese, but if I'm not careful she eats too much and gets stinky. She'll eat pretty much anything, and she loves vegetables.

I'm keep thinking she is no where near weaning herself. Her brother weaned himself at 10 months, I'm counting down till December, I'm sick of this. Although I don't really want her to grow up. And she is getting closer, she nurses half as often as she did a month ago.

Oh and she likes to join in the wrestling with her dad and brother. The other day she jumped on her brother while he was on the ground, just like they jump on their dad. Brother was terrible upset, but I couldn't help but laugh. They are totally siblings, they both pick on each other, and when one doesn't get their way, they look at me screaming. I just have to laugh, and think oh boring life would be as an only child.

Oh and I finally realized she and spout sippy cups were not working for her, I bought her a straw cup, and she cosumes twice as much liquid from a cup than she ever did before. Which means that is less she has to nurse. She couldn't get the tilt the cup idea. She loves her cup now.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Halloween a week early

We went to a church Halloween Party last night so we had to be all ready a week early.
We have a spider, with all 8 eyes on his hood, per his request. And a little cat, who doesn't like her ears. Her tail is made from an old sock, and I'm afraid it looks a little silly, but her dad thinks its cute and that is all that matters.
I love this picture. I don't even think I was smiling for the camera, because I wasn't really sure what my husband was taking a picture of.
We danced the night away, since there was an even number. My husband held my daughter, and I held my son. Yes, my son wanted to dance, but only if I was holding him.
We go to church with some very festive people, all of the kids were dressed up, and most of the adults were all decked out too. It was a little crazy. I realize why I don't like Halloween, you get dressed up and feel like a nut case as you walk out your door, but by the time you get around others with costumes you feel under dressed. Oh, well I do like the candy, the treats, and the cutesy decorations, but not the ugly ones, or ones that involve bags hanging from trees.
Check out all the Halloween stuff we have been making at my other blog.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Can you believe this my children suck opposite thumbs?!
Does that mean my daughter is going to be left handed? My son sucks his left thumb and does stuff with his right hand. My daughter does things with the hand, that doesn't have the thumb she is sucking. I guess time will only tell. I totally didn't realize she sucked her right thumb until last week.


Baby Doll

After not seeing her brown eyed $3 Target Baby for a month or so, N babe was over joyed to find her last night.
She carried her around everywhere, holding the doll's head as she sucked her thumb.
Every so often she would pull the baby away to look at her, and squeal in delight.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Calling in Life

I have recently been babysitting for neighbors. Not my favorite thing, I'm not much a of caretaker. I'm too self absorbed, I'm pretty sure. I'm not too sympathetic, and I not a fan of people touching me. So overall kids and I don't always mix, I'm not sure if I have a primary voice or not, you could ask my primary team teacher. I like to talk to kids like they are short adults, and when kids aren't use to that, they look at you like you are speaking a foreign language.
Anyway I do love living here right now, lots of kids for my son to play with, other mothers to complain to, people to call on when you need help. So I have been doing my neighborly duty and watching kids in minor emergencies.
One day I was watching children who are slightly high maintenance, they wanted me to talk to me, they wanted to play with me, they wanted to include me. (They clearly didn't know me in high school, I am anti social.) After my baby wouldn't nap because she didn't want to miss anything, I went to go complain to my husband. That I wasn't made for this type of thing, I wasn't made to take care of children. (He was working at home.) He laughed at me, and said what are you a working woman? I thought about it, and a few hours later, I decided I'm clearly not a working woman either, I am suppose to be a gentleman's daughter, as in the 18th Century. I not good at taking care of children, but at the same time I don't want to go fight in the man's world in high heels. I'm not too feminist. My calling in life should have been to be in the genteel class, to read novels, and embroidery cushions.
Although I'm not too much of a fan of blood letting, and I don't like to be subservient to anyone especially males, and I'm pretty fond of modern medicine, so maybe I'll stay in this time period. Since I do find plenty of time to read and embroider cushions while taking care of children.
Plus I like to wear pants.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Last night I couldn't sleep, I picked up the October 2009 Ensign and really liked this part out of Elder Hales article called, Blessings of the Temple.
The Doctrine and Covenants teaches
us: “Whatsoever you seal on earth shall be
sealed in heaven; and whatsoever you bind
on earth, in my name and by my word, saith
the Lord, it shall be eternally bound in the
heavens” (D&C 132:46).
When a couple is kneeling at the altar, as a
sealer I am aware of my role as a representative
of the Lord. I know that what is sealed
on earth is literally sealed in heaven—never
to be broken if those being sealed remain
faithful and endure to the end.
I have observed over the years many
couples who have been able to maintain
strong and vital marriages as they remain true
to the covenants they take upon themselves
in the temple. These successful couples have
several things in common.
First, these couples know individually
who they are—sons and daughters of God.
They set eternal goals to once again live
with our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus
Christ. They strive to leave the ways of the
natural man behind (see Mosiah 3:19).
Second, they know the doctrine and the
importance of the saving temple ordinances
and temple covenants and their necessity in
achieving eternal goals.
Third, they choose to obtain the eternal
blessings of the kingdom of God rather than
the temporary possessions of the world.
Fourth, these couples realize that when
they are sealed for time and all eternity, they
have chosen an eternal companion—their
days for courting others are over! There is no
need to look any further!
Fifth, these couples think of one another
before themselves. Selfishness suffocates
spiritual senses. Communicating with the Lord
in prayer, they grow together and not apart.
They converse with each other, thereby never
letting little things become big things. They
talk early about the “little hurts” with little fear
of offending. In this way, when the pressure
in the kettle builds and the whistle goes off,
there is no explosion of bitter feelings. It is
so much better to let off a little steam before
the top blows off the pressure cooker. They
are willing to apologize and ask forgiveness if
they have hurt the one they love. They express
their love for each other and become closer.
They lift and strengthen one another.

(Really I only added this to my blog, so it would be included in my printed up blog book one day.)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Primary Program

If you remember I teach Primary at church, I have the 5 and 6 year old class, which means my kids are anywhere from 4 years old not yet 5 and not in school yet, to 6 years olds who are in second grade. Today, we (not only my class, but all the classes, age 3 to 11) did our primary program in church. It was the first time I've participated in one since I was 12. We were ill prepared (our primary has a lot had a lot of turn over lately, namely our music director, and every primary teacher other than three I think), I figured it would be a miracle if we could pull it off. I have subbed in a lot of primaries, usually the kids know the songs better than our kids knew the songs. But yet I knew a miracle would happened and it would all come together, and prove once again the church is true. There were a lot of prayers said. It all came together-- life is a miracle huh? All you have to do is look around and see miracles everywhere. (Like when my daughter falls down walking, and is less than an inch from a corner and misses it.) As a plus my extremely shy, 4 year old in my class, actually said his line, (he didn't last year). After teaching this boy in church, teaching him in preschool/joyschool, and seeing him every time he plays outside with my son, I think he is making some real progress in breaking out of his shy shell. Today in Primary we couldn't get him to stop talking, two months ago we couldn't get him to talk, all he would do is squeak.
It was odd to be a teacher in the program, normally I look forward to the program, it is one of the best Sundays all year. But this was just a relief when it was all over, I was worried one of my kids would start to cry, or run off the stage, or something more tragic, I was worried how both of my kids would do with only my husband. I have cared for both of them without him during church, it isn't fun. So yes it was fun to see the kids perform, and sing the songs, but more than anything it was nice to walk home after it all was over, and throw my script and music away. Now that its over I can look forward to anticipation for the next 52 Sundays, until my son performs as a 4 year old next year in his very first primary program.
I honestly can't wait, that is one of the reasons you have kids right? So one day 4 years after miserable pregnancy and labor you can see them belting out the primary songs. Isn't that what everyone else thought about after they got married before they had kids during the primary program?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Christmas Present

Yesterday my picasa opened up to last year december. I reminded me last year we got the best christmas present. A baby girl!
So this is a cousin, not the baby, with my boy, but I found this picture, and loved it. If this doesn't describe the holidays, well... probably something else does. My son has a Book of Mormon in his hand.
I can't believe how much both my kids can grow up in 10 months.
I love this picture of her. I love my baby.

Today my kids and I cuddled in bed, until almost 10, one day my boy will be in Kindergarten, and there will be schedules in the morning, and even though there will be more 3 year olds in my life, and more babies in my life, there will never be unstructured fall mornings, once kindergarten starts. So I'm determined to enjoy each morning becomes lazy lounge in bed mornings. My kids had so much fun listening to the Curious George Jack Johnson Soundtrack on my cell phone.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


My husband has dreams of living in Latin America. I should say goals, in some things my husband can be very determine. I absolutely have no doubt what so ever in my mind that we WILL live in Latin America for different bouts of time. (I can say that with the same assurance, that I could have told you my first child was going to be a brown eyed boy. I knew that before he ever graced my belly and made me nausea.)
Anyway, back to Latin America, I feel bad for my poor husband, he has such dreams and I think I swash them all down. I don't mean to be, I know at some point it will come to pass. But see two nights ago I realized something I always knew but I finally connected it to my husband's dreams.
I love the idea of traveling, I would love to go to Egypt, Israel, back to Paris (there is so much more to see than 4 days can do justice), there are many other places, but I absolutely hate the idea of international travel. I abhor the idea. You see unless I have a terrible memory, I have only traveled internationally twice.
The first time I went to Paris and Holland with my sister, apparently I had some subconscious fear because for the month leading up to said trip, I broke out in hives on my legs routinely. Then during the flight to Paris de Gaulle I broke out hives again. I couldn't find my benadryl, my CD player player ran out of batteries (you always think you check those things, except it happens to me about every fifth flight), and we were in a ghetto plane without TV on the back of the seat. It was a long miserable flight in coach.
And that right there is the reason I never want to travel internationally again. Not to mention I don't really like flying, its just the only option, since driving takes S-O-O- L-O-N-G.
That right there is the reason I accidentally squash all my husband's aspirations about Latin America.

The flight back was fine and dandy. I never randomly broke out in hives again, after that first flight. The trip was very fun.
If I could always fly business class or better, I wouldn't mind international travel. My second passport stamp came from a trip to Argentina with my husband. I enjoyed Buenos Aries, it had a very European feel, except for the food tasted terrible. Never go if you are pregnant.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Blogging maina

I'm pretty sure I would love to have a globe. A globe is so much more magical than a world map. I loved planning, whoops I meant playing, maybe it was a Freudian Slip, when I was little. Because that is what you do with a globe, you spin it fast, then let your finger stop it and figure out where you are going to go. Sure 90% of the time you end up in the ocean, but that is the fun of it, trying to pronoun the island closest to your finger. I remember playing with a globe with my brothers Ben and Daniel, in our basement in New Hampshire. It must of been after someone got a mission call? I don't know. We were planning our futures, based on the spinning and letting the finger drop science. I also remember my mom finding the Marshall Islands and showing it to us, after that's were our cousins moved. Plus grandpa had multiple globes to look at. Looking at it so confused, why it said USSR if it no longer existed, and how it could be something else if right there on the map it said USSR. Ok, so truth betold its not just a globe memory, I remember being so confused as a elementary school child. Little did I know one day as an "adult" in college I would study Russian Politics, my globe spins probably would have never predicted that. Anyway, isn't a globe magical?! I love them, I think my son and I could have so much fun with one. I nice antique looking one, who needs that ugly blue shade, I don't need my living room looking like an elementary school class room, but with modern political demarcation. What would be real cool is if the map was not only political but also physical. Was it fate for me to be dreaming of a globe on the day that Columbus found the Americas in 1492 by sailing the ocean blue, with the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria?
This is where I found the globe jpg.

Help anyone?!

Does anyone want to come visit me and do this project? I have only been planning on making a headboard for my bed since I graduated two and half years ago. First off I didn't have a garage or a yard, then I had those but I was either sick and pregnant, or had a newborn. Now I'm back to no garage, but actually that wouldn't stop me, what is stopping me, is the two children I have to take care, DIY projects like this are not possible without help with two small kids. My husband is in school, oh and I don't have money for the wood, fabric, or foam. But seriously I AM planning on it...

I would just go for a straight rectangle piece of wood. It seems so comfy to have a pad headboard. Not to mention it just sounds nice to have a headboard. You plan on helping me, and I'll start saving money, we could do it in a few hours doubled, with children around everything takes twice as long. Ok, seriously sign up below to help me.


This post has been in my head for a month now. I haven't had time/energy to be wordy on my blog, except for sanity. Today was the first day of Joyschool (preschool) for my son, and it was invigorating to have him out of the house for two hours. He loved it to, we'll see how much I love, when its mine turn to have 6 kids, from 2 and half, to 4 and half. (Beggers can't be choosers, right now I'm a begger, who was I to turn turn away the little sister.)
Back to the post at hand. My son hit a new milestone while we were in texas, he learned about namebrands, and the crap your parents buy you to save money. His little cousin got namebrand crocs after a rousing review from a different aunt. His little cousin, noticed the alligator on her shoes, and had fun pointing it out all day. I noticed my son look down at his off brand crocs and wonder where his alligator was. It was a sad moment as a mother-- let me assure you. Seriously, it was painful, so much of motherhood is. It pours all types of salt into old wounds you have been suppressing for decades. He didn't ask me, or let anyone on to the fact that is crocs, were not real crocs. He pretended to ignore the whole thing. The real painful point, was when he noticed that two of his other cousins also had "alligators" on their shoes.

Let me assure, I am not looking forward to my children going through middle school.

Thoughts on Christmas

Some might think it is too early for Christmas, but I've been thinking about it for months now.
If you are a long time follower, you might recall me expressing the sentiment that I wish I took the handmade pledge. I do make most of the christmas presents I give, but overall that's out of pride and frugality, not any political green statement. I sort of fell out of love when I realized the address was buy, because truth be known frugality has an ugly twin sister called cheap, and buying handmade is anything but cheap. (On an aside I don't think of buying books as a break in the pledge I always thought of it as an escape clause.)
After I realized it was buy handmade, I was able to stop feeling guilty about not making the pledge.
Today after driving home for the store, as I was mentally planning christmas present, I thought I make my kids stuff all year round. The reason christmas and birthdays are fun, is they finally get some cheap, plastic, loud, brightly colored toy. I never buy toys except for birthdays and christmas, so to take the handmade pledge would be quite the let down for my poor children.
Don't worry, they aren't poor, they have plenty of grandma's to supplement their plastic toy collection.
If I have you for christmas this year, you can either look forward to what I'm going to make you, or be disappointed you don't get something store bought from me.
My poor husband I make presents for everyone but him. Sort of, I make him presents, it just takes me years to finish. I guess I assume he'll forgive me not finishing in time, and so by the time I do finish, its time for another holiday.

Conversations in our House

Me: I love you
3 year old: I love you too, or ahhh, as he struggles away

Me: Who is your favorite mommy?
3 yo: you

Me: Is that a good lunch?
3 yo: Yes
Me: Does mommy make the best lunches?
3 yo: Yes
Me: Does mommy fish for complements?
3 yo: I don't know

Sunday, October 11, 2009

What I liked from church,

other than I am a builder song (will this work?).
A missionary got up and said. Our Father in Heaven is much like parents here. We see our children sometimes need help, but we don't intervene unless they ask us for help. We have to ask him for his help.
That really clicked for me, since I have small children who are learning lots of new things each day to help them understand how to be a mortal person. Its hard work, and I let them figure things out themselves.
Although I will say, sometimes, my child doesn't ask for help, but has an emotional outburst of frustration. In which case I ask calmly do you need help? If we have developed a relationship with our Father in Heaven, I do think sometimes after we have overwhelming outbursts, we do hear a quiet do you need help? If we are listening.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

What's the point

What's the point of being a parent, if I can't brag about my child. My three and half year old drew this picture today. I was very impressed, as was his father.
Funny thing is, he wasn't satisfied, he refused to show his dad the picture, because he didn't like the way it turned out. Although he was happy to have me show his dad the picture.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Easerable Markers a metaphor for motherhood

I found Crayola erasable markets are the store a little while ago. Seemed like a good idea, my boy is always disappointed when his writing stick does not eraser-- he loves erasers.
Never ever never, buy them. They don't color right, and the tip of the marker dissolves a little more with each pressing touch on the paper.
And overall these markers represent all that is wrong with my life right now.
My lack of patience.
That is all my lack of patience, nothing is wrong with my husband, my children, or anything, except my lack of patience.
There is something that is like a gnawing an ant under my skin, from the amount of time I spend being a single mother. (I know I have no right to complain, we have good health, good employment, we do see my husband daily, at least I do (sometimes he leaves before they wake up and comes home after they are in bed, some don't see their husband for a year or so, not to mention we have our own place to live at, and friends for our children to play with almost daily.)
Each day, I lose more and more patience, until I'm ready to throw away half of our belongings. I don't care if we need them, I don't care if someone is using it, if it drives me nuts in the slightest its in the dumpster.
No this don't actually happen, but I want to to, I don't know why I have an unwavering desire to throw everything away. The markers gone, the IKEA kids table gone, all the old baby clothes gone, the stupid handme down Stride Rite shoes gone. Seriously what is the deal with those shoes, they are so stiff it is so hard for me to help my son get them actually on his feet. Is this normal if so why the heck does anyone spend $30+ on name brand children shoes, bring back payless. I would totally get rid of the shoes in a heart beat and buy new ones if it was for that stupid tuition payment.
Why do I have such a desire to throw away everything?
I don't know?
Maybe I think it will help me gain control over my uncontrollable life. Maybe I secretly have a desire to not spend eight grand on school, and instead go blow it at the mall. I don't know, I don't know anything, except some days, my children drive me up the wall and there is nothing they are doing wrong.
Other than maybe using stupid markers that I bought...

Don't worry, each day my patience gets less and less, until I snap (out of it), and become a normal human being and a good mother. It last for a few days, I love life, my life is perfect, then we slowly go down the good patience hill, being more and more cranky as I tumble faster and faster down backward.
Sometimes I still don't think I've adjusted to motherhood of two. Two should be easy, everyone says three or four is hard. I have no idea, all I know, its now for over a year, I have feeling like I'm only three steps away from the crazy farm. Life was so neat, and organized when I was in school with a husband and baby. Crazy busy, but highly organized and planned out to the T. Then I graduated, life wasn't as scheduled, but more fun, with less work. Then I got pregnant with two, it was fine for awhile, then the contractions started, and the move happened. Over a year later, I'm still just as nutty as ever. Will I ever adjust to two?
I love number two dearly, don't believe me, scroll down and look at all the pictures of her.
But seriously, two is utter chaos. While one was completely control and organization.
Some days I'm able to embrace the chaos, and other days I want to rip the stupid erasable markers out of my kid's hand and throw them out the window.

Monday, October 5, 2009

We went to the zoo

Luckily Brent started school, so he could finally take us to the zoo after almost two years of asking. We got in free with the Professional MBA program. We saw the baby animals.

We HAD tomatoes

Sunday, October 4, 2009

like bampbi like nah

Here is a baby picture of my dad when he was a baby. What do you think does my daughter look like her maternal grandpa?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Yes, I impose gender roles.

That being said, this is not our doll stroller it is our neighbors.
That being said, my daughters favorite toys are matchbox cars, and toy guns.
And my son never goes more than a day without carrying a "baby" (a small stuff animal) around. And if either of them only had one choice they would pick books.