Tuesday, February 2, 2010


On the 23rd of last month, a friday, my daughter started to feel warm and act feverish. She contined to run a fever until the 30th, wednesday in which she broke out in a rash. My first thought was chicken pox, then I remember when my son was a baby the exact same thing happened, I thought the same thing, but my sister in law said, no Roseola, completely harmless. Yes, my daughter had Roseola. On Monday night or Tuesday, before the rash, my son picked up a cold. Until the rash I wondered if it was the same thing. After Roseola left my daughter picked up my son's cold. My son seemed to get better, until yesterday, when he was feverish and lethargic, and ate nothing all day except yogurt, milk and homemade mac and cheese. I admit a terrible diet for a fever, but yet the only thing he would eat all day. I put him to bed early and told him if he barfed in the middle of the night to wake mommy.
This morning when he woke up, he would not return to bed, and laid on the ground for quite some time, despite his parents prompting he was tired and should return for a little bit. I told him if he needed to throw up we should go to the bathroom. He said no, my blanket is a good place to barf. I didn't know what he was talking about and ignored it. But got a bowl just in case, he warned me in just enough time to get the bowl under his mouth. The morning continued uneventfully with him playing computer games, until an hour ago, he said he was ready for nap, and put his blanket in the laundry. His dad asked him what he was doing, I asked if it covered in boogies? He said no barf. At the same time I pulled back his covers. He had indeed barfed in bed. I asked him if he barfed when he woke up or in the middle of the night? He said in the middle of night. I asked him why he didn't wake me up, the only response I got was him crying because he needed a kleenex.
Turns out he has all sorts of night adventures, he informed me it was raining last night. I asked if he often looks out the window at night? He said no only sometimes.

But sick-- he barfed in bed and did not tell us. As I was cleaning it it smelled so bad.
Yeah, we are on our third virus, back to back in our house. Not fair!

I know you want the history of vomiting in my mothering career.
We ALL got the stomach flu when my son was 10 months old. Then years, and months of blessings, nothing even though I knew lots who where getting it. One vomit a few months ago, when my son was sick and my neighbors all had confirmed cases of H1N1, now twice.

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  1. We were all super sick--at your mom's house. So I got your mom's help, and you didn't. That doesn't seem very fair.

    I'm sorry. I hope everyone gets feeling better soon.