Thursday, February 4, 2010

Monster Trucks

I'll stop whining now. All I wanted to do was go to the party store, but we were all sick, and I couldn't go alone, I needed to take the birthday boy to the party store to be nice. (No not my husband, I would never take him to the party store.)
Today we went just the boy and me. It was great fun we loved it. We have monster truck invites, plates, napkins, and cups. We have have other stuff. Plus when we got home we found out the invites also have thank you notes. What a bargain. All the local kids are obsessed with the monster trucks, so I thought it would be a fitting theme for both boys and girls. To to mention its not trademarked.
My husband asked how much we spent, and was patronizing about the price of a four year old birthday, including presents, (like a bike...shhh don't tell J.) Don't worry I said snide comments back, (it was all exchanged in love). Then said I think its fun, and well that's enough said.
I'm getting excited, I have never given a friend's birthday before, but now he is old enough and he has friends, to justify having friends over for an hour. Completely simple, some games, cake and presents. Monster Fire Trucks cake. Oh it will be great. Although not as good looking in real life as in my mind. Anyway, you'll have to wait two weeks to see how it turns out.

Turns out Monster Trucks are trademarked, this is the exact same one on our invites. Who knew?

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  1. baby O loved the clip. He sat there spellbound and watched the truck. He really has a thing for wheels and cars right now.
    I hope your Party is lots of fun! You are very brave to do a friend party.