Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dear easter bunny

Dear easter bunny,
      We thought you did an excellent job only getting enough stuff to fit in the baskets this year. But next year we would also appreciate less candy. One chocolate bunny, a few peeps and jelly beans inside the eggs is plenty. Thanks! Remember this is easter, not Halloween or Christmas. We appreciate your effort, and understand how difficult it is not to over spend, society is set up for consumerism, we don't blame you.
                                 Me and my husband


Turns out my husband didn't need another round of eye surgery.  Hooray.  The specialist we saw seemed to have never seen a repair like his, so I think that is why the original doctor sent him to the specialist.  The specialists said it was a gutsy repair.  I had arranged babysitting for my daughter until her school started at 1, so we had the whole day to relax after we left with no surgery on the horizon.  It was lovely, we put the babies to bed, and hung out.  It was a date night during the day, in our house.  Since we are home bodies, our favorite dates are at home when the kids are gone.
Life has still not slowed down.
The oldest got the flu last week.  He got better just in time for the neighborhood easter egg hunt. Then during dinner on Easter my daughter just crashed, and she has been home sick ever since. I'm praying the babies and I don't get sick.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Vision Miracles

On April 1st, I wrote a post, that I couldn't get to upload from my phone. It said, Six years ago today, I blogged about my husband's retina detachment, and the the surgery he had to seal it back up. No one believed us, because it coincided April fool's day. But pretty much every day I'm grateful my husband isn't blind. The doctor told us luckily he was young so his retinal fluid was still gelatinous or he would have already been blind. It was also a miracle he even went in for an eye exam, since he has 20/15 vision.

Yesterday April 8th, Brent went in for an eye exam.  His eye surgeon said he should have his eyes checked every year, but since moving to Colorado he hasn't been that worried.  Finally after 3 or 4 years, he agreed for me to schedule an appointment.  Good thing, his laserized stitches are holding well, but his retina has detached in two more places. So this morning, he got a call from the surgeon's office, they are seeing him tomorrow.  Round two of eye surgery.  This morning I told him, I'm going to push you get your eyes examined every year now.  He agree to that. Two of his uncles are blind in one eye from retinal detachment. (He might have told me his grandpa also was blind in one eye.)  I can't tell you how grateful I am that my husband isn't blind in one eye.  Although at this rate one day he might not have any peripheral vision left in his eye, but better than no vision. Stitching the eye retina back in place causes a blind spot in his peripheral vision.  At this point it hasn't created a problem, because his eyes compensate, but the more surgeries he has will obviously cause more blind spots, especially if it keeps detaching.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Well child

For about the last week, I've been thinking my baby is the biggest any of my babies have been at 2 months. He seemed to out grow all of the hand me downs from his brother faster. Who was bigger than my oldest. So today when I took my baby in for his well child, I thought those numbers seem big. I just looked it up. He is big, well at least bigger. I also watched the nurse carefully to make sure she was measuring correctly.

Ike's stats at 9 weeks.
Weight- 12.2 lbs 41%
Height - 23.3 in 59%
Head circ - 15.8 in 72%
(Birth weight 8 lbs 9 oz)

Baby A's stats at 10 weeks
Weight - 12.2 lbs 34%
Height - 24 in 78%
Head circ - 15.8 in 65%
(Birth weight 9 lbs 2 oz)

Nan's stats at 10 weeks
Weight - 11.5 lbs
Height- 23.75 in
(Birth weight 7 lbs 8 oz)

J's baby stats at 9 weeks
Weight - 11 lbs 8 oz
Height - 23 inch
Head circ - 15.7 in
(Birth weight 7 lbs 8 oz)

So not a big difference considering their birth weights, were so different. But I find it interesting that baby #4, is bigger a week earlier than baby #3 when baby 3 was born bigger. I'm not surprised baby 3's head was smaller. Baby 1 and 4 have round heads while 2 and 3 have ovals. So ovals measure a little smaller.
My daughter/baby #2, was long and skinny. I couldn't really dress her in sleepers, she was too skinny to keep her legs in the leg holes, so when she kicked her feet would get stuck in the tummy part of the sleeper, it infuriated her, so I tried not to use them.

Monday, March 31, 2014


In the last LDS general Relief Society meeting, Linda Burton said, "Oh, sisters, we all have burdens to bear and burdens to share." (September 2013)
This phrase as stuck with me over the last few weeks.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day 3

For weeks ago, I was given a two week challenge to become closer to my Savior. I'm doing awesome, I'm on day 3. It made me think of Elder Bednar's talk from November 2008, Pray Always. In it he says,

There may be things in our character, in our behavior, or concerning our spiritual growth about which we need to counsel with Heavenly Father in morning prayer. After expressing appropriate thanks for blessings received, we plead for understanding, direction, and help to do the things we cannot do in our own strength alone. For example, as we pray, we might:

• Reflect on those occasions when we have spoken harshly or inappropriately to those we love the most.

• Recognize that we know better than this, but we do not always act in accordance with what we know.

• Express remorse for our weaknesses and for not putting off the natural man more earnestly.

• Determine to pattern our life after the Savior more completely.

• Plead for greater strength to do and to become better.

Such a prayer is a key part of the spiritual preparation for our day.

During the course of the day, we keep a prayer in our heart for continued assistance and guidance—even as Alma suggested: “Let all thy thoughts be directed unto the Lord” (Alma 37:36).

We notice during this particular day that there are occasions where normally we would have a tendency to speak harshly, and we do not; or we might be inclined to anger, but we are not. We discern heavenly help and strength and humbly recognize answers to our prayer. Even in that moment of recognition, we offer a silent prayer ofgratitude.

At the end of our day, we kneel again and report back to our Father. We review the events of the day and express heartfelt thanks for the blessings and the help we received. We repent and, with the assistance of the Spirit of the Lord, identify ways we can do and become better tomorrow. Thus our evening prayer builds upon and is a continuation of our morning prayer. And our evening prayer also is a preparation for meaningful morning prayer.

I love his example, because I almost always need to improve on that. Probably most of us do.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Would you like to know about my life.  Its been very busy.  My 7 year has turned 8, he has a life, and on top of that is now involved in cubscouts.  My 5 year old has a life, and is learning to read.  My toddler is a toddler so he is a mile a minute and keeps me busy, plus a new baby who wants to eat constantly.  So yes, I'm a little busy.  Plus my baby got blessed the same weekend my 8 year old got baptized in our church.  Then 10 days  later we all drove to Utah to go to my family reunion/grandma's 90th birthday.  Yeah, life is a little busy.

Here are some of our adventures in pictures.  My husband turned 32.  Since I had a new baby, I planned out birthday valentine week ahead of time.  The kids wrote out all their valentines before the baby was born, and I bought pie for my husband, and bought all the presents before the baby.

 J joined the chess club at school and learned lots of about the game, then went to the district tournament, and won third in 2nd grade.  1st place was also in his school class, and according to his teacher they have become quite celebrities.
 The next day he turned 8.  We also had a small birthday party, with three boys, frozen pizza, ice cream sundaes and xbox.  It was the best birthday party ever! as far as being a mom goes.
 We brought cookies into school for his birthday, which his little sister passed out, the next day we ended up at the doctor she had strep.  Awesome huh?
 Dad and J spent the week making a rice crispie treat chocolate chess board cake for the blue and gold banquet at cubscouts.
 The day Nan had strep, Mr. A also had an ear infection, they had been on antibiotics long enough that we all go to go to the blue and gold banquet. It was Ike's first day out if you don't count prek drop off and pick up.
 This picture doesn't show it well, but on day 8 of amoxicillin, Mr. A developed a rash, he is allergic like his daddy.
 At cub scouts J made a bird house he was beyond proud of mad building skills.  Turns out all those first Saturday of the month home depot building days has been very useful for his fine motor skills. He didn't need help from his leaders.
 J and his bestie at J's baptism. We are beyond sad they are moving, because we are all losing friends. :(
 Here is our adorable family at J's baptism.  There was a snow storm that day, March 1, which is only fitting since he was born during a snow storm.
 Grammy and Grandpa came for his baptism, we ended the day at Texas Roadhouse for dinner.
 The next day was Baby Ike's baby blessing.  He is such a happy baby as this picture shows.  (Oh wait, he isn't, that is sarcasm.)
 I've been so busy, this is one of the best pictures I have of him in his blessing clothes.  Maybe if I fade the background... and the foreground. (Turns out cowhide dyed and cut to look like zebra isn't not durable for kids.)
 The day I drove my parents to the airport, Aunt Kim stayed over night on her way to her new job and adventure, Nan was pretty thrilled to talk to her. Those pjs Nan is wearing, are her favorite, they are beyond small.  I think I need to get her some new hello kitty jamies but I'm sure they won't be the same.
 We also had wacky wednesday at school.  She is wearing a bathing suit on top of her clothes, with a tutu, and my socks which were covered with her cowboy princess boots.
(Want to hear the story of the princess cowboy boots?  Last year she fell on a trampoline and wouldn't walk. She told us her friend stepped on her soul.  We eventually figured out what that meant, but I can't remember. We had already been to a few months earlier for when she fell down the stairs and wouldn't walk.  And inbetween both adventures she fell on a playground and broke her arm.  I couldn't bare to take her back if it wasn't actually broken.  So we called up a friend who is a doctor, before he would be home from work we had time to kill, so we took all the kids to Kohls to look for shoes for my husband.  On our way, I realized if she found shoes she liked she would either be cured or know she really needed to see the doctor.  She found this princess cowboy boots which were about three sizes too big in the clearance section.  Instantly she was up running and jumping around. When we took them off she instantly couldn't walk again.  Our friend said she was fine, and she only wore these boots for a week. They are the miracle boots.)
 Its still snowing, somedays. And since its spring, its a wet snow, and the kids can finally build a snowman, instead of the dry winter snow.
 We had the pinewood derby.  J designed the car himself, did most of the work himself including the paint.
Oh I should also mention that since he is growing his eyes are rapidly getting worse, so he just got new glasses 6 months after the last set.  The first was brown, then the next pair blue, now he is on red.  One eye is two clicks worse, and the other three, that was the official report from the dr. 
 In utah we only had time to see one cousin from the paternal side, another red head!  Finally by this point Mr. A's cold from before the baby was born was finally gone! Yeah for runny noses being gone. 8 weeks later.
 Here is the birthday girl, with her great granddaughter and great grandson.  Nan is beyond obsessed with Ike.
 Here's my family with my grandparents.  My grandma turned 90 on Mar 15, my grandpa turns 90 on june 6th.  At one point he said grandma was a cradle robber, it was super funny.
 My brother with Ike
 Another brother with Ike. Who knows if I have a picture of my sister with ike, she has her own baby 7 months older.  Plus I can no longer keep up with my life.
 J and his two year old cousin on dad's side were best buds.  J is awesome at playing with toddlers since he is a big brother. Plus all my kids go to bed early other than J, and this cousin stays up late too.
 My busy life with two babies, both in gray stripes.  This is what we do all day, hang out on the couch taking turns with which one I hold. Mr. A is super good with Ike for being less than 18 months apart.
 And now we are on spring break.  I've been such a lame mom lately with all my pregnancies, I want the kids to have a fun spring break. So I decided we would go the pioneer museum, its free and I've been meaning to take them for about two years.
 My baby was hungry, so I fed him while the kids played in the kids room.  I was trying to get them out to see the second half of the museum, when I saw my toddler trip, in the doorway.  Before he even went down, I knew it was going to be bad.  I knew his head as about to hit an 100 year old SOLID metal door hinge.  As I grabbed him, I knew he would need stitches, luckily my burp cloth from feeding the baby was on the top of the stroller and in arms reach, I grabbed it as I was getting my toddler and shoved it on his gash to keep the bleeding to a minimum.
 Thankfully multiple women helped me.  One buckled Ike back into his carseat that he was laying in, while another got wet paper towels from the bathroom.  One of them was EMT so she helped me get the first aid kit from the front desk and tape up his head until we could get stitches.  I called Brent to tell him we were picking him up from work in a half an hour, and please find the closest insta care. One of the ladies and the manager at the museum helped me get all four kids to the car, which was serendipitously exactly in front of the museum. Also it was nice that the baby was fed, and finished feeding before the toddler tripped.  He needed four stitches, it was a big gash, but apparently he was a trooper and only cried once during the numbing shot.
Yes, my life has been a little crazy since I had my fourth.  I'm not sure its ever going to calm down.  The kids only have 8 more weeks of school.  I'm in shock, my daughter only has 8 more weeks of pre-k. I can't believe she has gone and done it, she grew up on me. She has been in preschool classes since her second birthday (three and half years), and now she is almost done. I can't believe she'll be in kindergarten in the fall.  (My oldest only had one year of preschool, which will probably also be the same with his little brothers.) And today is exactly two months since I've had my baby.  His colic crying peaked at 5 weeks, thankfully its not as bad, and he is a better sleeper.  Unfortunately he has ton of blow outs.  He is looking big and not a newborn anymore.
I would hope life would calm down, but I don't think it will. Brent is about to start traveling for work again.  Plus soon he is going backpacking (sort of). Overall I tell him I'm the best wife ever (for letting him be gone so much). During the summer we'll need to do swim lessons, we are going to visit grammy and grandpa, while Brent and I going to El Salvador, for our 10th wedding anniversary. (Which isn't until December, but we decided it would be easier to take the baby the younger he is. Yes, I'm taking the baby, I'm barely able to leave the toddler. My husband said we could take him since I was sad about leaving him, since he's not two until august. My reply was heck no I don't want to take the toddler, even though I'm sad.) Then once my toddler turns two we'll need to potty train, and we'll be busy with school again.  
I got to go fold laundry, I have so much laundry!
And prepare 72 hour kits, and a lesson on them, fire season is almost upon us. I'm praying it snows through June, like the first year we moved here.