Saturday, February 20, 2010


Today I got to see my oldest brother. This is very exciting because its the first time in two years, I have seen him. Here he is with my baby. She finally warmed up to him after about four hours. Its pretty fun because our daughters got mixed up in heaven. Nine years ago he had a daughter that looked just like my baby pictures, and now my daughter looks like his baby pictures except a girl not a boy.
While at my grandparents my husband lost his wedding ring down the heating shaft. An hour later, he successfully retrieved.
While there my kids got to ride their bikes.
Ha ha, Funny story today. I get out of the shower, and I hear my daughter screaming and my husband saying you have to wear pants. Now I know my daughter is girly and picky, so I go save them both the misery and say she can wear a dress, and pull the first one out of the closet. She ended up happy, and he ended up defensive. But I totally understand, I'm not knocking my husband, our 14 month old is extremely challenging to dress if you want to avoid face slaps, head shaking "no" and screams, unless you realize she likes dresses, frills, and ruffles, it can be pants as long as you play up the girlishness. She can only say "ma" and "ya" but she understands any girly pretty word. Look at all that hair she is finally growing, you see that, her hairline is almost to her forehead. I can finally pull some hair into a clip. Her head is way too oval for her to look good in headbands (she gets that from me).


  1. I had to look at that picture for a while before I realized it was your oldest brother. I thought it was your brother B, not C. I haven't seen him since he got married!

  2. They both look a lot a like. I kept thinking I saw Ben out of the corner of my eye, on Saturday.

  3. Wow, very observant. Only in the family room. She also got new couches, and chairs, it was Aunt Keeta's project. Plus grandpa got a flat screen tv. The old couches and tv got moved downstairs, and the downstairs furniture got the boot.