Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A love story

Disclaimer, I am not much of a romantic, I don't like cheesy, and I am grateful everyday of my life, my husband has never made an embarrassing declaration of his love to me in public, with people gawking. I use to imagine romantic reunions in airports like in the movies, but overall get embarrassed when my husband kisses me in his mom's kitchen when no one is in the room. I barely hug him in the airport when we haven't seen each other in weeks. But if its one thing I love is presents! that and long drawn out wordy conversations/monologues about nothing.
This love story that begins a long time ago. Back in 2004, when I was barely dating my husband he told me he would buy me a present on his birthday. Meaning I will buy you a valentine's present, implying even though it is june I still plan on being with you in February. Well February 2005 came and we were married, and a huge snow storm blew in so basically all my husband did was shovel snow all day long. He planned on going to Hallmark while I was in class and getting these little frogs I thought were cute, but we didn't go to school, because he shoveled snow all day. He went the next day, and they were half off. He thought this was a great deal, and decided we would celebrate valentine's day the day after, every year from now on, and get my presents half off. Well I can tell you how long cutesy commercial valentine's presents lasted in our relationship. Not long that's how long, I think those were my only traditional valentine's presents, he might have gotten me one the following year, but I doubt it since the day after valentine's the following year I was in labor.
(My husband has a history of giving me Christmas presents, valentine's presents, birthday presents late, anniversary presents late. He takes some sort of twisted pride in it.)
Fast forward to this year, my husband informs during "our" valentine's party that he isn't much of a romantic, and he just isn't one to buy a valentine's present. I sharply responded you chose not to buy me something, then quickly ignore him. Taking emotion out of it, I know my husband isn't much of a present person, I usually buy my own presents, with his paycheck, because I don't work. He isn't a present person, and I want things like diamond rings, and Five Year Anniversary rings. Most people would think his proposal to me for marriage was anything but romantic, but it is so us, and its not very "romantic" but if it was I might have keeled over in embarrassment. Back to the love story at hand, it is the day after valentine's day and I have forgiven my husband for being himself and not getting me a present. I'm overall stressed from his schedule and annoyed at things that normally don't bother me. I no longer feel guilty that I bought myself a $14 necklace. We go to my grandma's house, and admire her new desk chair. This is now my third time admiring it, and my second time with my husband, but it looks so fancy and nice, and I have never owned a nice comfortable, fancy desk chair. At home I have this waiting for me.

We bought it when we were first married and it was SOOO exciting. I was so excited to have a desk chair to do my homework in. It was so comfortable and sturdy, who cares its ugly as all get out, and I sit in the exact same chairs at the school computer labs. Yes on the back it is branded, everyone who sits on my couch knows where I went to school. I do not have a living room and a separate family room, so everyone who comes into my house, sees my computer desk, and this chair.
And if you look close enough you can see the price tags still on. Yes, we bought it used from the university, but it was only $15, we didn't really have the money but it was such a good deal. The chair has served us well these last 5 years and it will continue to serve us well, hidden away at my husband's work desk in our room.
But now I have my day after valentine's present, I have a fancy leather or vinyl desk chair, that isn't embarrassing to have in my front room, and has that new car smell.

After two times of admiring my grandma's new desk chair, my husband said lets stop by staples on the way home and see if they have any on sale. It was way more than $15, but half as much as expected a new fancy desk chair to cost. Not to mention I got a pot of fake grass for $2. It was a valentine's miracle. My husband thinks he came through on his valentine's present, and I finally got fake grass at a price I was willing to pay. I love my new chair. And I love my husband, sometimes, I just have to remember that I love him all unromantic like and him like. I don't like romantic attention, it weirds me out. Although I do like flowers. I've bought them for myself a few times when I see them on sale, and my husband bought them for me on my birthday when we were engaged. That being said, I am really appreciating the rose in my kitchen from my father in law. Its been a long time since I've had a fresh flower in my house.
Whenever we are at Sam's and I see flowers I ask my husband when he is going to buy me some. He asks if I want them right now. I say no, I don't want to spend $20 on two dozen roses, I want you to. If I wanted to spend it then I would buy them myself. And that right there is the long and short of romantic presents in our house. If I want it at the price, I buy it, if I want it but don't want to pay the price I ask my husband and he doesn't buy it. He understands that, and doesn't buy me very much stuff, I don't understand it, buy myself lots of stuff, and whine to him that he doesn't buy me more. Yes, I'm sort of a brat, but he loves me anyway, and I put up with no romantic presents, and buying myself a birthday cake. That is what love is all about, sacrificing for the person you claim to love. Putting up with their quirky habits.

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