Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter memories

Two or three weeks ago we roasting marshmallows on our new fire pit when a wild rabbit ran through our yard. I pointed it out to our kids as quick as possible since those things run as fast as possible. Nattie saw a glimpse of it, and then got a sparkle in her eye when she said, ohh, I know why it's here. I knew exactly what she was thinking so I asked why? She exclaimed EASTER! Then we discussed it as a family, we decided it was a scout to see which houses had kids and to see if those kids listened to their parents. It didn't have to stay long in our yard because it knew our kids had cleaned the basement that day or they wouldn't be roasting marshmallows. It was a fun time.
Now you're thinking, I'm brain washing my kids, but they came up with 90% of that story. I've always thought the easter bunny tradition was a little odd, and so when my oldest was three or four, I thought, we are skipping the easter bunny in this house. I never once mentioned it, but come Sunday morning after he got candy, he told us all about how the easter bunny blah blah blah, I couldn't dash his dreams. So the easter bunny comes to our house.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dear easter bunny

Dear easter bunny,
      We thought you did an excellent job only getting enough stuff to fit in the baskets this year. But next year we would also appreciate less candy. One chocolate bunny, a few peeps and jelly beans inside the eggs is plenty. Thanks! Remember this is easter, not Halloween or Christmas. We appreciate your effort, and understand how difficult it is not to over spend, society is set up for consumerism, we don't blame you.
                                 Me and my husband


Turns out my husband didn't need another round of eye surgery.  Hooray.  The specialist we saw seemed to have never seen a repair like his, so I think that is why the original doctor sent him to the specialist.  The specialists said it was a gutsy repair.  I had arranged babysitting for my daughter until her school started at 1, so we had the whole day to relax after we left with no surgery on the horizon.  It was lovely, we put the babies to bed, and hung out.  It was a date night during the day, in our house.  Since we are home bodies, our favorite dates are at home when the kids are gone.
Life has still not slowed down.
The oldest got the flu last week.  He got better just in time for the neighborhood easter egg hunt. Then during dinner on Easter my daughter just crashed, and she has been home sick ever since. I'm praying the babies and I don't get sick.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Vision Miracles

On April 1st, I wrote a post, that I couldn't get to upload from my phone. It said, Six years ago today, I blogged about my husband's retina detachment, and the the surgery he had to seal it back up. No one believed us, because it coincided April fool's day. But pretty much every day I'm grateful my husband isn't blind. The doctor told us luckily he was young so his retinal fluid was still gelatinous or he would have already been blind. It was also a miracle he even went in for an eye exam, since he has 20/15 vision.

Yesterday April 8th, Brent went in for an eye exam.  His eye surgeon said he should have his eyes checked every year, but since moving to Colorado he hasn't been that worried.  Finally after 3 or 4 years, he agreed for me to schedule an appointment.  Good thing, his laserized stitches are holding well, but his retina has detached in two more places. So this morning, he got a call from the surgeon's office, they are seeing him tomorrow.  Round two of eye surgery.  This morning I told him, I'm going to push you get your eyes examined every year now.  He agree to that. Two of his uncles are blind in one eye from retinal detachment. (He might have told me his grandpa also was blind in one eye.)  I can't tell you how grateful I am that my husband isn't blind in one eye.  Although at this rate one day he might not have any peripheral vision left in his eye, but better than no vision. Stitching the eye retina back in place causes a blind spot in his peripheral vision.  At this point it hasn't created a problem, because his eyes compensate, but the more surgeries he has will obviously cause more blind spots, especially if it keeps detaching.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Well child

For about the last week, I've been thinking my baby is the biggest any of my babies have been at 2 months. He seemed to out grow all of the hand me downs from his brother faster. Who was bigger than my oldest. So today when I took my baby in for his well child, I thought those numbers seem big. I just looked it up. He is big, well at least bigger. I also watched the nurse carefully to make sure she was measuring correctly.

Ike's stats at 9 weeks.
Weight- 12.2 lbs 41%
Height - 23.3 in 59%
Head circ - 15.8 in 72%
(Birth weight 8 lbs 9 oz)

Baby A's stats at 10 weeks
Weight - 12.2 lbs 34%
Height - 24 in 78%
Head circ - 15.8 in 65%
(Birth weight 9 lbs 2 oz)

Nan's stats at 10 weeks
Weight - 11.5 lbs
Height- 23.75 in
(Birth weight 7 lbs 8 oz)

J's baby stats at 9 weeks
Weight - 11 lbs 8 oz
Height - 23 inch
Head circ - 15.7 in
(Birth weight 7 lbs 8 oz)

So not a big difference considering their birth weights, were so different. But I find it interesting that baby #4, is bigger a week earlier than baby #3 when baby 3 was born bigger. I'm not surprised baby 3's head was smaller. Baby 1 and 4 have round heads while 2 and 3 have ovals. So ovals measure a little smaller.
My daughter/baby #2, was long and skinny. I couldn't really dress her in sleepers, she was too skinny to keep her legs in the leg holes, so when she kicked her feet would get stuck in the tummy part of the sleeper, it infuriated her, so I tried not to use them.