Saturday, August 25, 2012


I wrote this the last week of July, but per request of my 6 year old, we were keeping a secret.

My 6 year old is a champ and half.  There comes I time when a lot of things need to get taken care of before school starts and before your mom has a new baby.
Here is the week my son had, first we went to the dentist on Tuesday afternoon.  He was actually really quite excited.  Turned out his needed a filling on one of his molars.  Speaking of molars the hygienist guess he would get his 6 year old molars before losing a tooth. He seems to have my molars. The dentist said, usually kids get cavities between teeth, but J has yet to have any of those, instead his molars are so deep they get fillings. Since I'm having a baby in a few weeks the dentist wanted to get him in before I delivered.  That meant two days later J got a filling.  The dentist twice in one week! This cavity was still young, so they didn't even numb him, it wasn't anywhere near the nerve, but they did drill a bit and then fill it in.  I think we need to invest in sealants.  I have had quite a few fillings that way.  Our molars are just too deep, I guess.
Then on saturday, my husband watched the girl and the Olympics, while I took J to the pediatrics.  He hadn't been in a year and half, and my husband thought he wasn't seeing well. Luckily he didn't get shots so he really didn't get poked and prodded too much. The nurse had him read the eye chart and boy did he struggle, he was so cute but I felt so bad for him.  We assured him he did nothing wrong, he got frustrated and worried why we were asking him about things he couldn't see. Just for posterity he is 6 years and 5 months.  He weighs 39.5 lbs which is 6%, and is 44.4 inches tall, which is 14%.  Hooray for my teeny kids!  Ha ha. They also gave us his BMI its 14.1 which is 11%.
That afternoon I called the optometrist for an appointment, and they said we can see him in two hours.  At first I was like what?  Then I realized might has well get it done before the baby comes, while my husband is watching our daughter.  So by this point it was his fourth doctor's appointment in less than a week.  I felt bad for him, but he handled it like a champ.  He was quite still for a 6 year old, and he seems to have my genes through my dad.  J's eyes are 20/70.  Poor thing, he was pretty excited to get glasses though.  Good news is, the doctor said, we've found out nearsighted kids really shouldn't be wearing glasses unless they are looking at things far away.  So really only at school or if you are somewhere he needs to see far away.  Reading, computers etc he shouldn't wear them.  Good news, that means, playing outside, inside, afternoon, he is glasses free. 
He is stinking cute in his glasses I think.  Plus its fun that he is so excited about them.  He loves discovering new things, like what you can see on the mountains.  We are struggling a little bit with remembering them though.  He doesn't like to wear them at recess, and he only wears them at school and church.  He also loved church in his glasses he saw so much, he has never been clear before.  
His sister is insanely jealous, she loves a good accessory. 

Kids and Rainboots

Seriously is there anything cuter than a kid in rainboots?
Ignore our dead spot in the grass, there is no sprinkler there for some reason, and I just had a baby so the grass is dead.

I have lots to post, but instead I just hold my baby and search pinterest.

Monday, August 13, 2012

What's in a Name?

My three and half year old is trying to remember her baby brother's name with only minimal success. In her defense she told us for months, she did not like the name we chose and wanted to name him Licky.
For the past few days, I find it quite humorous when she asks, "what's his name"?  But this morning was the tops.  He was laying on my bed, as we got ready, and she turns to him and asks, "Who that?" I said his name with a question.  She answered "yes". I asked if she had forgotten his name.  Once again the response was "yes".  Ha ha, I wanted to laugh at her three year old-ness but yet, I just smiled at her, I'm totally ok with her asking what his name is until she can remember.  I'm pleased she is not calling him Licky.  She might also be confused because she only hears her daddy call him Turbo.

A thought and a story

First a thought, I feel like I'm bombarded by the thought, "what would I do if I could achieve anything, start today" or if you don't strive for your highest dreams, you are wasting life.  I think that is completely wrong for my stage of life. I have lofty dreams and aspiration, I have things I want to achieve, but if I focus on them then I feel like I'm wasting my days.  But I'm doing the exact opposite of wasting my days, taking care of three small children is no waste.  I have dreams of master's degree or two, or a dream career, or even fulfilling my husband's dream of traveling the world.  But let me assure you I take no steps toward any of those dreams each day.  So don't mind me if I don't ever think about my dreams for my personal life are, because if I focus on that, then I'll feel like a failure providing for the needs of my children, and I'm pretty sure that is actually the most important task in life.  I've realized sometimes being content with where you are, is more important than dreams of the future.  If I spend my days dream of the future, I'm pretty sure I'm going to look back one day and realized I missed the past.

That was a long thought, now a story.  When we were house shopping, what I wanted more than anything was two living rooms. If the house only had one living area, I crossed it off the list.  This house just barely fit the bill, we have a main living room, on the main floor, and our tv/playroom in the basement.  In the beginning I wasn't going to have toys in the living room.  It was going to be a nice well put together room, and was always ready for company.  Then I gave up on that, I realized once again there was more important things in life. I realized there would be decades and decades of my life without toys in my living room, I might as well revel in the decade and half I have of children in a make believe world of toys talking. And enjoy it while it lasts that my children want to spend time with me.
 I used to get overwhelmed when my oldest was a baby and we were in college.  I would look at our living room, strewn in textbooks, homework, newspapers, and baby toys.  Realizing that I was going straight from textbooks and homework to toys, and then I would be back at textbooks and backpacks, would there ever be a break from our clutter? President Monson assured me one day there would be, and one day I would miss it. So yes, if you visit our house unannounced, you'll probably see toys and coloring pages from school or church all over my living room, and I'm ok with this. This all being said, there is a never a time in life I have to revel in dirty socks on the floor.  I constant tell my family members, pick up your socks take them to the laundry room.  And you know what I think it might be working, I think somedays I see my 6 year old socks in there, without being told.
On a side note, I'm excited for September, I'm excited to be able to clean my house again.  To get rid of the massive amount of clutter that has collected in the kitchen and bedrooms.  For some reason during the summer with this pregnancy I just could not keep on top of things.  Imagine that....

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Here we all were in the hospital. I hate being in the hospital for more than about 6 hours after the baby is born, once I've slept for awhile I'm ready to go. He looks huge in this picture.

 All ready to go.  Thankfully we were only in the hospital for 24 hours after he was born.  They made us stay for 24 for him.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


I had a baby on Tuesday.
It was my third.
We had him in the hospital.  He was born not breathing with the cord around his neck like his sister.  It was less scary this time, but still I was concerned.  I feel very blessed to live somewhere with competent hospitals who get "blue" babies breathing very quickly.  My husband asked the nursed how common is it for babies to be born with the cord around their neck.  She guessed about 20%.  Well we are 2 for 3, and they thought the first had the cord around his neck, but he was fine.  I don't know what it is about my cords.... or babies.  None the less, I know some don't like hospitals, but boy am I grateful to have my babies in them.  I'm also extremely grateful for infant resuscitation. I'm also grateful they let me leave 24 hours later, I have no desire to hang out longer than needed.  I honestly wouldn't have minded leaving more like 18 hours later.
The baby and I are doing great.  I don't do pregnancy well, I'm even worse at labor, but I do do recovery well.
By the way, its a boy, he is huge.  9 lbs 2 oz.  My other two were 7 lbs 8 oz.  I love him lots and just want to  kiss his fat cheeks.
Maybe I'll post pictures tomorrow, maybe I'll be too tired because we have to go to the pediatrician for a check up.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


The good... its 63 degrees outside, sitting in my shorts and t-shirt, I'm almost cold, I had goose bumps.
The bad.... this pregnancy reflux is driving me crazy, my throat is burning.
The ugly...  all my crafting on the floor, has made me acutely aware of how stained our carpet is, I need to save some cash and get new carpet.