Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I know everyone is waiting for an update on our viruses. We are indeed on our third virus in this house if not fourth. The cold I have and my children have has different symptoms than last weeks. Which means last week, I just took some vitamins and endured. It was mostly painless. This week different. This week means three incredibly whiny people in the house. It means, my throat hurts so bad I want to cry, which means my children do. It means I begged my husband to work at home today, so I had someone to complain to. It means when he was on a conference call locked in a room, I called my mommy and whined to her for an hour. It means my son barfed again, when my husband suggest we take a drive in the mountains. It means, he vomited and vomited and vomited some more in the snow, and then in the empty library box (we had NO plastic bags in the car). Yes it was a trilling day. A pathetic day, a day that I don't want to repeat. I day I didn't expect. My son seemed to be better last night, I thought we were all on the end of it. Then today happened. Oh did I mention my upper arm has been throbbing since last night, I think my virus spread. I don't know all I know is, I'm not a fun person when I feel crappy. I whine non stop, as does my baby.

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  1. Hey, Veronica barfed yesterday 3 times! I was trying to figure out where she would have caught it...perhaps at Danna's?