Monday, February 8, 2010


Sometimes, I'm ornery, moody, and angry. Like today. Last night I was so exhausted I almost fell asleep, and fell on the ground, while eating dinner at my in laws. Yes, my uncle in law was laughing at me silently. Its been downhill since then. I'm annoyed at sorts of stupid things, that I won't share on my blog, because in a few days, I won't actually want to my enemies.
Although I will say, I hate when people try to look perfect. Children are not perfect, life is not perfect, so why is anyone pretending. I despise thing people say children made when they look perfect. No, sorry, I child did not make that. Children make things that say "amg" instead of "gma" (there is no way in heck my child has the attention to place letter stickers that say grandma or write grandma).
Valentine's is about cheap paper, candy, or messy kid projects. Not about perfection, not about something that costs more money to make, than to buy. Sorry, I know I like to craft. In fact I made valentine boxes out of old kleenex boxes for everyone in the house today. But come on, why is everyone pretending their kids are as talented as sweatshop workers in foreign countries, and vintage is anything but old, trendy is beautiful and will still be beautiful in 5 years. Told you I was in a bad mood.

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  1. "vintage" drives me crazy!
    when people add "a vintage print I picked up at a thrift store" I just chuckle