Wednesday, February 3, 2010

turns out we had a lot of fun last year

fun 09

Brent went to gun training class, the kids and I didn't have fun but he did
J read a lot to his new baby sister

brent's birthday
J's birthday

draper temple open house
warm enough to go to the park
visiting family and friends in cache valley
tulips blooming, and pansies survived the winter and snow

enjoying green grass
throwing the mission reunion
decorating hard boiled eggs with J
easter egg hunt at Great Grandmas
easter bunny coming
uncle max's birthday

trip to temple square
trips to the farm
trip to discovery gateway
Museum of Natural History
botanical gardens
art museum
mother's day
camping at green river
"apple rocks" (goblin valley)
Capital Reef
Rose Bushes in bloom in our yard and through our neighborhood

Cousins moved to Park City
N babe is big enough to share a bath with her brother (sort of)
father's day
tiger lilies in bloom

My cousin Justin came to town
radishes are ready
swimming in our baby pool
Oquirrh Mountain Open House
Copper Hole
Enjoying a full size pool
Pioneer Day Parade

Saying good bye to Park City cousins
Making Uncle Daniel a dang good Lemon Birthday cake
chicken noodle soup hike and picnic
making new friends
j gets himself a girlfriend
brent starts school
fresh tomatoes

go to LA
Brent enjoys the beach
baby linc's blessing
N babes first airplane ride
see cousins in texas
40th wedding anniversary for my parents, and party for cousins
PMBA zoo day, with baby animals
my 25th birthday

started preschool group
made a spider halloween costume
n babe starts walking
my parents visit
carving pumpkins
more discovery gateway

playing in the leaves
more kid museum
more farm
made turkey shirts
had thanksgiving twice
enduring school

saw lights at T square
more kids museum
J discovered happy meals and toys
playing in the snow
N babe's first birthday
celebrated first christmas
went to TX for real christmas
saw dinosaurs twice
saw santa
new years eve

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