Monday, February 10, 2014

Eye Color

My daughter has had this romantic notion about the eye color hazel during the last month.  Finally I couldn't take it any longer, I didn't really even know what eye color hazel was.  I looked it up on wikipedia while feeding my baby.  Turns out its a mix between brown and green.  As I read about eye color I found it fascinating. My daughter and I have green eyes.  My husband and sons' have brown.  The last baby I think will have brown, he has navy eyes like his brothers all did as newborns.  My daughter had light blue until she was about 10 months old when they started to go green.  Wikipedia told me, "A study of Icelandic and Dutch adults found green eyes to be much more prevalent in women than in men." I find this so interesting since only the girls have green eyes in the family I created.  My husband's eyes use to be a deep brown color like my oldest boy's, but they have faded over the years, so now they are fairly hazel-y.  Mine use to be a vibrant green, but after high school, they too have faded as I've aged.  Now mine are barely greener than my husband's.  But I know my daughter has mine, because we have a lot of yellow mixed in our green. I love that all my boys have brown eyes. As a teenager I was fascinated to find out I have my maternal grandma's eye color, since my mom has brown eyes. Most of my siblings have either blue eyes like my dad or brown like my mom.  I guess overall I find eye color fascinating, maybe its because I had this random color unlike the rest of my immediate family.

I had a baby

I had a baby.  He is pretty swell. His initals are ish. The first few days he had his nights and days mixed up and we were about to return him, but the place he came from has no return policy, so instead we let him cry during the evening, so he would be tired when we were, and things are going much better now. On a side note, I feel crappy in sweatpants, I'm about ready to put on my jeans even if they don't quite fit yet.  (No not my normal jeans, 18 months ago, I bought new jeans I could wear until my old jeans fit again.)
Everybody is pretty obsessed with him.  Especially the big sister. I think I mentioned this before, but I thought a kid had to be 6 before they were helpful, and finished with their exasperating age.  Not her, its been a night and day different since her fifth birthday.  She is so helpful, being the big sister is a point of pride for her, and she works hard to earn her role. Being older than two brothers has really been good for her. She often puts the pacifier back in when the baby starts crying, its super great.
The little big brother has also been surprising.  Everyone told me, oh he doesn't really know what is going on.  What they don't know is, they don't know what is going on.  From the minute A met I, A has loved I. A is anxiously concerned for Baby I's wellbeing.  When the baby is crying, Mr A wants me to feed him and fix him all better.  Somehow he knows only I can make the baby better.  He has had a cold since before the baby was born, and there has only been about two times Mr. A will not willing turn me over to the baby when the baby needs something.  He is very conscientious of the baby, its very sweet.
The biggest brother also thinks the baby is swell.  He got very nervous right before the baby was born, but has been fine since the baby was born, and is super helpful.  I'm not sure I could handle babies 18 months apart without him.  Everyone should have an 8 year old help them with a new baby. He is a little more hesitant to touch the new baby, then again he is like his momma and doesn't like people in his personal space.
Lastly, my husband has been super awesome with the me and the new baby.  I'm kind of a basket-case this time around, but he has been awesome.  I could share lots of stories, but I'm sure he would be more grateful if I didn't share them all with you.
Lastly, my epidural was super awful the time, well once it work it was fine, but the pain during the application was probably near a 9 or 10.  I'm not sure I've rated my pain that high since my first labor experience that was over 24 hours long.  The pain after it wore off was terrible.  I could barely stay in my hospital bed to sleep, or sit it was so bad. I went to my chiropractor when my baby was only 5 days old, because the pain was so bad.  I think my chiropractor thought I was crazy I was out so soon, but I couldn't stay in with such pain. I would like to hope I'll get to writing my birth story but who knows with as busy as life with four is.  I'm not sure I'll post it on my blog, so if you want to read it you should contact me.