Friday, April 30, 2010


I think I need a gravy boat or something, Anchor and Hocking just isn't cutting it.


My husband apparently decided this was the year to improve himself. He is working at reading the entire standard works this year, "since he hasn't done it since his mission" and he started doing some exercising before his scripture study. Since he was exercising, I figure maybe I should too. I have wanted black yoga pants for sometime, but its hard to find them in my size, so I thought if I exercise at least four days a week for a month than I'm going to spend the small fortune to buy them. I made it! I made it! Whoot Whoot! I get to get new work out clothes! My calendar for April is covered in stars. Well half way through the month it warmed up and long yoga pants were too hot, so I've been wearing some gray capri yoga pants. I decided instead of spending the small fortune on long and lean boot cut yoga pants I'd get some black capris. The great thing is I got some a Ross for only $9.99, I tried on 8 pairs, and the ones I liked the best were the cheapest! Whoot Whoot again. I am so proud of myself for working out so regularly. The last time I worked out this regularly was high school Aerobics class (I'm not so much a team sport player, so I had to find PE classes to fit graduation requirements that was almost willing to to do.) I feel great, even though so far I have been blessed with not putting on weight my energy level has definitely drop over the years. I was amazed at what 20 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise has done for my energy level, I feel better than I have in years, since I was in college, hiking across campus all day and walking up three flights of stairs multiple times a day. Hopefully I can keep up my regimen, and get some more new work out clothes next month. I'm trilled with myself!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

So Happy

Do you know what makes me pretty much the happiest woman in the world? My daughter walking around the house in wooden Dutch clogs! Ha it is so great. She literally has been wearing them nonstop since about yesterday. It is so cute to hear her clomp clomp clomp on the floor in the kitchen. I love it, her feet are the perfect size, for this bizarre 70s decoration handme down from my mom. They are vintage!
Clearly these are all candid, you can't get a 16 month old to pose. But her little foot is adorable.
And here, where she is rocking on her feet.
The pictures are not posed, but I did purposely put this dress on, because I thought she would look cute in it, with the clogs.

Kids Musuem

We also went to the children's musuem, my kids love it. We made a whole adventure of the day, we left too late to not eat lunch out, and too early to eat lunch at home.
So we went to the coveted mcd's for lunch, my kid took an hour to eat even without a playplace. Then after the museum, we hopped on the train for two stops, walked another block, and picked up some mother's day presents. I can assure you, I don't want to be a urban mom. More power to my sister, I like my suburbia, and my car.
I love this!
My kid is digging in cork with some archeologist in the background. That cork was a nightmare, I had to sweep up my bathroom after baths were over, and then had to vacuum out my washer after that load. The whole washer was covered! Who vacuums out their washer?!
We did have a super fun day. On the way home we listened to Indian music on the radio. I figured we needed some culture. Plus, I like yoga, I like Bollywood movies, they liked it so much, the fell asleep in the car. They were so exhausted that they slept from 4:30ish, until 7:30. I sewed and crafted during that time, it was a nice break. They woke up we ate waffles for dinner, they had a bath, and I put them back down, before 8:30.

The Rock Show

We went to the rock show, do you wish you could have come? My kid and his grandma along with others hunted for free unpolished gem stones, curesty of some government outdoor agency.
My daughter sat in a stroller looking homeless sucking her thumb. I wandered around marveling that I'm sure the rock show hadn't changed since I was my daughter's age. All the signs were made with markers and stencils.
My son got a grab bag of rocks for a dollar, he had more than I expected for a dollar, peterfid wood and such, and even "a piece of golden". I looked around for beads I might want to make jewelry for, I saw every table multiple times with no luck. Near the end I found some really really pretty stones, bluish greenish, clearish, not clear stones. The table was marked 50% off, I thought score. Until I realized the stones were $240 not $24. I didn't buy them. Even if they were only $120, I didn't even buy the not as nice string that was labeled $120, which would have ONLY cost $60. I only brough twenty not three twenties. Plus I did already spend a dollar on "a piece of golden".

Then afterward we were having so much fun we figured a birthday party would be a great way to end the day.
All the triplet cousins all born on the same street a month apart for three months are now all four. Bye bye three. I didn't think I had enough threes in the last sentance.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More of the same, blogger gave me a bad request

For some reason I could not get all these pictures on the same post no matter what I tried. So here are the pictures in two post. My children are hunting eggs, we, left over from the pervious weekend. This happened a few weeks ago. My husband did not let them eat the fruit roll ups.
Make sure you put your finger in the snake.
All of this was at the botantical gardens.

Here I am waiting for the magnolia tree to bloom, they are so pretty in bloom. We went about a month too early to see anything flowering.
See we went here last year, and saw this bird. Turns out we missed like 3/4 of the garden area last year, I think it was closed from a wedding actually.

Playing in the Dirt

How often to do you go play in the dirt? I don't really like my apartment complex dirt, it seems dirty, so I have to go to fancy place to play in it. And still I don't play in it.
But my kids do, and they look so cute, when the dirt isn't so dirty.
Ha Ha, my husband thinks he is king of world, because he can run down from the top of the mountain.

Fiery Serpents

I didn't mean to sound as bitter as this did, so I editted. Its my blog and I can do what I want. I'm really not bitter, I just really enjoy the PMBA program, really how many nights do I really have to put my kids to bed by myself?! I know I have no reason to complain we do actually get to see my husband.
I think my favorite biblical story is the fiery serpents. I find the story so intriguing like an underwater road tunnel. I'm not quite sure why Numbers 21 might be my favorite but I've always been intrigued since I learned about it in Freshman Seminary. I mean it is so easy look and live, do I miss the so easy parts of my religion?
Last night as I was reading it I saw some surprising parallels to my own life.
First off a little background, ever since spring break my husband and I have been making plans to move out west (yes we already are west, but as far west as land will take us) upon graduation. I have thought that is where our life path should go for a few years upon graduation even before we started school. It wasn't until this trip that my husband saw the light. Well that would be a little over a year from now so we are scouting out on the internet. Looking at possible locations. Part of me is enjoying the dreaming, part of me doubts. So on to my study last night.
"5 And the people spake against God, and against Moses, Wherefore have ye brought us up out of Egypt to die in the wilderness? for there is no bread, neither is there any water; and our soul loatheth this light bread. " That is totally how I feel sometimes, you make me grow up, to move from crappy rental to crappy rental, and go to school AGAIN. (My no bread, no water, boring bread/rental) I almost can't actually let myself ever hope we could have something different. (Nor do I really think the Lord MADE me moved from each rental.) Overall I'm just bored with the PMBA program the sacrifice stopped being fun like before it started.
So really that is were the parallels stop, but I have spent a lot of introspection wondering, am I the type of Israelites that just has to wander around for 40 years until I die, because I complain so much and lack faith. Or will I one day get a land flowing with milk and honey? I guess it all depends on me, I am the one with agency.
Clearly there is a difference between the Israelities complain about their lack of water, or only manna and the brother of Jared asking the Lord, "... wilt thou suffer that we shall cross this great water in darkness?(Ether 2:22)". I just don't know if I can tell the difference, especially in my own life. I don't know if I understand even 2% of the Old Testament, its way out there in terms of my comprehension. Thank goodness I was taught bible stories so I can at least sometimes understand the background. I hope this isn't blasphemy, but Jehovah seems REALLY harsh in the old Testament, but last night as I was reading, I thought about the brother of Jared, based on my religious doctrine is he before Moses time, so maybe Jehovah isn't really as harsh as the Old Testament makes him sound, maybe the Isrealities were really that annoying.
The whole point is, "8 And the Lord said unto Moses, Make thee a fiery serpent, and set it upon a pole: and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten, when he looketh upon it, shall live. 9 And Moses made a serpent of brass, and put it upon a pole, and it came to pass, that if a serpent had bitten any man, when he beheld the serpent of brass, he lived. " Do I look and live, will I one day get past crappy rental after crappy rental, or will I just be wandering until the end of my life? I'm not looking for that "I've arrived" moment in life, but at this point I can't comprehend ever getting to leave this state and hitting another stage in life. I can't comprehend wanting to live somewhere more than a year. Brent and I have definitely been Nomadic. This past move I told Brent we are staying for two years, (something we have never done). We aren't even done with one year and I'm bored, I'm ready for something else, I'm ready to be done with the MBA. But we aren't moving, there would be no point. But that's what I really can't believe that my husband and I could stay put and feel content, even after the MBA is over.
For the record, I don't think I ever willfully disobey, I think I'm sure I just forget to "look". I'm not willfully complaining, I just forget maybe I should say, "wilt thou suffer" instead of complaining. Plus I'm also seeing the enjoyment of this period of life, I just sometimes once again forget. My kids are fun, I like my husband, I just don't really like his schedule.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Guess who came

Grammy and grampy came to town. And although my son will never let me read books unless at bedtime, they all read books for a long time.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Floating in my head

Remember the wall street journal, well we got a LOT of magazines this year. One of the ones I got was Elle, it is my first initial after all I figured might as well see what its all about. Not to mention beauty/fashion magazines have never come to my house before, so its an interesting diversion.
But that is not the point, I read in article written by a guy about, well there didn't seem to be a point to the article. But he said he was in a bad place in life, with lots of codependent habits. He was the typical toxic male, that women fell in love with an wanted to fix. He was in two long term relationships with two different women. (I know not a story for the young impressionable mind.) Whenever he was with one of his girlfriends, he thought this is the one. He ultimately didn't pick the girlfriend that wanted to "fix" him, he picked the one that didn't want him to fix him, and didn't want him to fix her, they were just two faulty people who happened to enjoy life together. That is not exact how he is phrased it, but...
I've been thinking about that a lot, she didn't want to fix him, and he didn't want to fix her. I'm pretty sure I did not view my marriage that way in the beginning, I was pretty convinced the first few months of marriage it was my husband's job to fix me. Luckily he had other thoughts. I don't think I've tried to fix my husband much, but maybe that's because he always been clear that that was not my job. I have never expected to change his clothes, or other things that women always want to do to men when they get into a relationship. (Although I did expect him to stop playing video games, 98% of the time, luckily he isn't much of a gamer.) He is who he is, and although I make him conduct Family Home Evening, I really try not to change my husband. He is who he is, and that is who I feel in love with right? I knew his faults before we got married, when he does something that he later apologizes for I usually say, I knew who you were when I married you. Anyway, thats a thought though huh? She didn't want to change him, he didn't want to change her, just to imperfect people who wanted to spend their time together. It has been swirling around in my head for weeks. I can't get it out, I think it seems a great way to run a marriage. Nagging never fixes anything. (Although Elle also had an article that turns out nagging does, someone rarely drops a bad habit without a spouse or other family member telling them to stop. Its worked for me, I have now exercised for three weeks, because my husband wants me to, and because he has been for two months. Although there is a fine line between helping and nagging.
by the way I don't think I'm a model wife, or excellent at anything, I'm just saying I kind of like that philosophy.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Am I Awkward?

By the way while I was falling asleep last night, I realize this post in itself, and the question at the end, proves that I am awkward. Such a direct question is awkward. Turns out my husband is right, dang it!

Tonight during dinner my daughter could not handle the pizza sauce on her hands for one more second. And since it was easier to wash them, then to wash everything within arms reach of her frustration, I obliged. While washing I was looking out the window, I exclaimed the missionaries are here. My son said where? and ran to the patio window. I said you have to look out the front door. I didn't mean the missionaries from my church were here to visit me, I meant they were here to track (looking for cold contacts). The only contact I've had with LDS Missionaries in this state is when they are cold contacting and ask me if I'm attending church. I really didn't even expect to talk to them. Unfortunately when my son opened the door they assumed my apartment was the one for them, without checking addresses. They politely asked for his mom. My husband followed me to the door. What proceeded was an awkward conversation as the missionaries tried to politely figure out if I was their appointment.
After they left and we sat back down, my husband said missionaries here must have weird stories in this state. I personally disagree I think missionaries here probably have nothing on small third world villages in terms of unheard stories. Nor are there many drunks wandering around the streets at all hours of the day like many large cities.
I didn't bring all this up, we proceeded to have a disagreement about whether we were awkward. I said why are we awkward? He said number one we don't have a tv. My son quickly pipped up, and added, yes we do, we have lots. They are both right. We don't have a TV, but we watch our fair share of tv, more hours than a care to admit on my blog. I can keep up with celebrity chit chat, and most major TV shows, so I don't think I come off as too weird. I really can't remember his next point. But he proceeded to tell me, I have been awkward ever since I met me.
Once again, I don't know if that is a fair statement, I don't remember meeting him for the first time, nor does he remember me. I do know the first month or so of getting to know him, he was often with a girl that would flirt with him so shamelessly that I felt like a third wheel, and felt like I was interrupting something private. Turns out she was almost engaged to another guy.
Anyway, I've never thought of myself as particularly awkward. I know I am introvert and would prefer to be at home than at game night most of the time. But awkward? I guess my mother's praise, led me to think I was usually quite friendly if I choose to be. Sure I choose to be introvert more often, and there has been plenty of times that I'm not friendly. But awkward? I told him, if I'm awkward I've been married to you too long. You are the one that enjoys make awkward statements.
So truth be told, am I awkward? Will anyone even read this post in its entirety to know that I'm asking the question am I awkward? Please tell me the truth... not just false politeness.


I'm giving up my son's athletic abilities. I'm selling our basketball hoop. Its so large! When he was a young toddler he was so good at dunking. We moved it up on height notch and it was all over, he refused to use it. No one ever uses it for the intended purposes. They either fill it up with dirt, or try to shove their heads through the net. Neither of which makes me happy. I need the space, hopefully its sold by the end of the week. Ahh, but will always have Paris.
By the way I'm not really giving up on my son's athletic abilities, but mostly likely he will never be a professional basketball player so the dumb bulky plastic hoop on my patio can have new owners. Here's looking at a new kid.

Are you Jealous?

You should be, my kids got to hunt eggs at Great Grandma's. This is by far the smallest Easter egg hunt in years, there were only two hunters. I bet all you cousins, and siblings are sad you missed. If you aren't you should be. Do I sound like I'm gloating? Sorry, I'm mostly kidding, but my kids did have a great time.
I am kidding, we totally didn't expect grandma to do another hunt. It was a wonderful surpise. My kids had a blast. It was so fun that J and great Grandpa built legos afterward.

It was so fun in fact that we let somebody else's grandma join in the fun. Although we just call her Aunt JoAnn in our family.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Love Maybe?

Have you ever played Poptropica? We think you should, everyone is hooked in our family. Especially the boy. You either have to read or have a excellent memory. Part of family home evening was about the game, without the game actually on.
She loves her crocs even if they are still to big for her.
Like I mentioned on facebook, my husband bought a used telescope and we looked at the moon. It was cool we could see the craters. The picture is blurry. But still.

Sweet 80s

My daughter likes my old 80s Victorian Teddy Bear. She loves to love it. And clearly it was a favorite of mine if I still have it. I remember sharing a bed with this bear and my sister who is 9 years older than me, when I was a young lass. My poor sister.

Heart to Heart w/ Hubby

Brent: You should get an engineering degree.
Me: Are you kidding? Do you remember when I took Calculus?
B: Yes, you did good in the class?
M: I yelled at you every week for an entire semester.
B: How is that any different than you having kids?

Ok, if I can handle kids, I can handle going back and getting engineering degree according to my husband. Thanks for the advice :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

More Happy Spring

I have so much to post, but I'm so tired, and I haven't gotten an email from a real person in days. Yesterday I took two naps, slept for at least four hours total, had no problem going to bed, and can't wait to hit the sack tonight. I was so busy today.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Duck Pond

I took my daughter, my son, and the girl next door to the park tonight after dinner. Because of the warm spring weather everyone seemed to be out at the park, many with dogs, although no one else with small children, the playground was ours and ours alone. After seeing the duckless duck pond, we wandered over to see the horses, while there a lady came up with her dog. She commented on the nice weather, then said her dog loves children. The children, including my 16 month old proceeded to throw-- drop the ball for the dog to catch, for the next 10 minutes. The kids enjoyed it and the dog was extremely patient. The dog owner seemed pleased to watch the kids throw the ball to her dog. Not in a creepy way, but as in a three small children laughing and jumping are fun to watch. At one point as in aside she uttered, "You are so lucky", when she first saw the kids she something to the same effect, although I can't actually remember the exact phrase when she saw my son and the girl next door yelling messages across a drainage pipe under the dirt road.
Its true I am extremely lucky, even if only two of those three children are mine. I have beautiful, healthy, smart children, who have equally blessed children to play with. Although I could easily list a few dozen reasons I'm so lucky, I clearly do not know exactly what this woman meant by the phrase. Maybe she was nostalgic for young children instead of older, she was middle aged. But yet maybe, she did not have her own children, she did refer to herself to the dog as mom. (Yes I know that is not a mutually exclusive thing.) The dog owner was an extremely fit women who I was impeccably dressed for working out, and so I could assumed would be more so in normal clothes, and although she may have a whole brood at home, based on the way she watched the children, I doubt so. It was nice to be reminded by a friendly stranger, how blessed my life is.
(Even if my assumptions are wrong.) The point is a very nice women very much enjoyed watching my kids play with her dog, and reminded me how lucky I am.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Late to the Fight

I know we all heard about BPA for years now. (Years right? my life goes that quick, right?) But really don't we have enough to worry about-- what we say to our toddler and how it will effect their future therapy sessions, what preschool and when to start and how it will effect their future SAT scores. So that is not what I worry about but none the less there is sooo much to worry about in the world, its not like I start a brigade to fight with everything that pops up in the news. I mostly ignored it, I did throw away a lot of sippy cups at that time, but only because I didn't want both kids in sippy cups at the same time. I made a mental note to only buy things a little no BPA symbol like non smoking sign. But other than that, ignored it.
A recent TIME article talked about plastic poisoning us, but seriously I don't want to be a pyscho worried mom so I thought yes I know, I try to limit our plastic, and just glanced at the pictures as I went to the next article. By limit I mean I don't heat the kids food in plastic, but everything I feed them is served on plastic. That is limiting right?
Then last week my husband said throw away all our old plastic and buy new stuff for the kids with out BPA. Really? Since when does my husband jump on to fad phase? We don't buy organic food. Ok, sure next time I'm at the store, I'll work on it. I've not been worried about it, but my mind is obsessively organized even if my house needs to be vacuumed. I could tell you right now where every single piece of plastic in our kitchen without being in there, I could tell you where I store it in the kitchen, and whether it has BPA or not.
So today when I picked up the TIME, I read the article this time. By the way my husband decision was in no way effected by the TIME he didn't even realize there was an article. So to me this was the rule of two. When I came back into the kitchen I was ready to throw away every single piece of BPA plastic. Enough so that since all the large plastic cups (that I use) are not BPA free I drank out of sippy cup without a lid, since all the glass cups are still in their box unpacked. I mean I do plan on having more kids. Now I'm sure every few years as we get more and more concerned about toxins I will have to totally re-buy my kitchen. But oh well, I fear my son's future reproductive health, with all the BPA he has been exposed to, he was born, before the fad started in the US. I drank out BPA Naglene bottles obsessively day and in and day out during his gestation, all his sippy cups had it. There was been no ill effect yet, BPA leaks synthetic estrogen into us, and phthalates mess up the endocrine system. So if my son develops breasts I'll sure I'll blame plastics. But more realistically if his future wife has problems getting pregnant, I'll blame my naglene bottle drinking, because well that's the type of mom I am. Don't worry now, blame later.
How about you, do you care about BPA? What do you kids eat their food on, I'm sure BPA free plastic still isn't that great. Nor is anything else, you don't think your glassware and stoneware have chemicals laced in them. I mean isn't that the definition of pyrex? Specially treated glass that can withstand high temperatures? Which is why I don't worry too much.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A four year old's land

My four year old has a make believe land, where he gets to make the rules. Its called China, you may think, you have heard about China. But let me assure you, you have only heard about real China, four year old make believe land China is nothing like the real China. In J's China they write English letters, but upside down, or side ways, or missing a tail, etc, (basically English letters he wrote wrong by mistake). For example a M becomes a W in J's China. J's China is a great excuse to make your mistakes wrong. In J's China's they speak Spanish. But it is nothing like the Spanish you have heard before, instead it sounds like gobby gook coming from a four year old mouth. So if you hear China or Spanish coming from my son's mouth, don't think he is talking about anything real or tangible, he is just taking about his pretend land where he gets to make the rules.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Somedays, I'm really exhausted and tired, and I think why doesn't my husband do the dishes or cooking dinner?
He should do the dishes and cook dinner tonight. I'm going to take the night off.

Then I remember, he is busy working/doing homework/at school/running an errand/putting a kid to bed. So then I get my lazy butt off the couch and do the dishes. Five minutes later I'm sitting on my computer, eating the rest of the french bread, spilling crumbs in my ergonomic wireless keyboard, telling everyone else my thought process.

Oh yeah, by the way, turns out when I cook dinner, instead of laying on the couch, or do the dishes, I find myself less tired than I was 15 minutes ago. Hmm... interesting.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wahoo Cousins

I think she is adorable

Have I mentioned that yet? That I think she is adorable? She is at my favorite stage too. I love from about 12 months until three. I like them walking and running, but once they talk its all over.