Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween 2003

I actually have no recollection of Halloween 2003, but I do remember a week or two before.  At about 10:30 at night, Brent found me online and started chatting.  Something to the effect of you have to come to this awesome Haunted house, on the top floor of the towers (the dorm rooms).  My response, no, I'm in my pajamas and its cold outside.  Whatever, I'm going to come get you. (By the way I believe he had just went through the Haunted House with some other friends, mostly female.)  Less then 5 minutes later he knocked on my metal apartment door.  I was annoyed that he came over, I was annoyed that I was leaving, there was about a foot of snow outside and we had to walk across a field. None of my roommates were willing to join us. I wore clogs for some reason, so as we tracked through other people's foot prints, my shoes were repeatedly filled with snow.  Needless to say I was beyond annoyed by the time we walked the 50 yards. We met up whatever friends he had left behind to accompany me through this Haunted House. There was at least four of us there, that I knew, but 10 years later have no idea who it was other than Brent. We took the elevator up, and we went through the Haunted House the RAs had set up.  Since I was mad, nothing scared me, people would jump out, and Brent would look at me expectantly and I would glare at him.
You think this experience would have affected our friendship/relationship, nonsense.  The following day it was like nothing happen, other than he would periodically laugh at me for being so angry, and I would periodically follow up with being annoyed and ignoring him for a few days.
Years later I realize how awesome it was that I was annoyed because nothing scared me.  I loved to deny boys, so looking back nothing makes me happier than remembering he never got me.  He played his cards wrong, for girls to properly be scared she needs to be with really jumpy friends.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Rapunzel Halloween Costume

Would you like to see more pictures of my almost 5 year old in her Rapunzel wedding dress?
Hop on over to my craft blog.

She found the wind blowing her LONG VEIL quite thrilling. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Check out

My brain is ready to check out.  I'm a few weeks away from my third trimester.  (nov. 5)  My brain and body really want to start it early, I'm so done, the baby's kicks are growing much more constant and stronger, I'm growing more and more uncomfortable and I can't coherently finish a conversation. But yet, I can't check out, I don't have the time until November 1.  But seriously I'm ready to quit.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Mini Golf

We are not a big outside of the house entertainment family. But we had coupons for mini golf. We had fun. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

"Still love your views"

As you know I'm nostalgic lately, and my last two pregnancies have made me very lovey. So with that fore warning here we go. (I've been thinking about this post for a week or so.)

A few weeks ago in church, a couple talked, who were second marriage newlyweds, and both public health nurses.  The husband said something like, "my wife is amazing at what she does, to hear her talk about tuberculosis."  Brent turned to me and asked, "Tuberculosis?" I whispered, it makes sense, public health is their passion, most couples don't spend as much time talking politics as us.  He smiled, shrugged and turned back to listening. I personally though it was one of the most enduring things I've heard someone say across the pulpit.
So as we established in a previous post, ten years ago, the reason I was willing to reciprocate Brent's friendship is he wanted to talk politics with me. Ten years later I'm sure we talk some form of politics every day.  A week or so ago, we were discussing something, and he said, you're right, good point.  My immediate thought was swoon. Sure I know he values my opinion, but to hear an point blank affirmation after all these years still made me weak in the knees.  I'm a weirdo I know. Let's just say, I have more in common with Leslie Knope on Parks and Rec than just the way our names are pronounced.  Although actual political views are not the same, we are on different ends of the spectrum.
A long the same lines, on Facebook a few weeks ago there was some post written in a political nature, with millions of comments of mindless blah-- plenty of scare tactics and logical fallacies, but no real intelligent debate. Brent posted a two paragraph response, clearly explaining the issue, and explaining the two sides to the issue. I read it, and I thought, I married the most amazing man, I could have ever imagined.  I honestly can't remember what the post was about, but to read his response, made me fall in love with him all over.  He is so good at explaining an issue, without a bias. We are a good pair, he often gets bored while researching an issue, and doesn't often research both sides, but I often help him see the other side's perspective.  I can study politics much longer than he can, but I never as eloquent in my explanations.  My brain thinks to fast and my thoughts get jumbled.  It happens in every conversation I have even non-political ones.  That's the other reason I married him, he could follow my bizarre train of thoughts, and seemed to find them intriguing.