Friday, February 12, 2010

Turning 4

My son is about to turn 4. Which makes a mom's brain swirl with all kinds of thoughts.
  • Olympic ads, the last time we saw the winter Olympics was when I was in the hospital giving birth to him. Four seems so old and not so old at the same time.
  • (I ran out of wrapping paper, so instead we just decorated the amazon box from grammy, we both had a lot of fun.)
  • He is obsessed all things "China" he tells me all about "china people" all day, and what they say, and what they do. His dad is slightly concerned we'll look way racist out of the house, when "china people" come up in conversation. But China is J's imaginary world, where he makes up his own language.
  • In the last month his face seems to have gone through a growth spurt, because his face looks so much older to me lately, and so much less like my baby. (Actually his whole head, his shirt collars are tight coming on and off again.)
  • He is currently enrolled in a tumbling class at our local Rec center. I had a conversation with his tumbling teacher and someone else that works at the center about how they don't want parents in there, its easier for the kids without there parents in there. (I don't sit in there, he doesn't want me in there.) I said, I'm totally ok with him having his own life. J really excels when his parents aren't watching.
  • I successfully signed him up for preschool next year. He loves art work, letters, "reading", "writing", having a life beyond me and N babe, I'm sure he will love preschool next year.

  • Being Josh's mom is awe inspiring. He learns and does so much when I'm not paying attention. I'm sure I come off as a bragging mother, but I don't mean to. I don't say things in a bragging way, I don't think my kid is any better than any than any other kid. But I do find being his mom overwhelming, what am I suppose to do with a kid who knows how to draw a bird?! at four?!

  • But I really believe all kids have different strengths and weaknesses. J is getting B-I-K-E for his birthday, as of now he doesn't how to peddle, it might take him a while longer to learn. The other night my husband and I were talking, and long story short, I said, well my assumption is that in 10 years, C (the girl next door) will be playing softball or volleyball, while our son will be chatting on the internet with people on the other side of the country or world that he has never met. Why, because that is what both of his parents were doing when they were 14. Maybe he won't be chatting, but I doubt he has lots of year of organized sports ahead of him. He isn't much of a team player.
  • My child is in a computer guru for only 4, he often does stuff that annoys me. The other day he wanted to listen to the save by the bell son on Liz's blog, and I said no, and closed the browser, and walked way. Next thing I know he was listening to the song. He has his own computer profile, and internet avatar, that has "brown skin" his words not mine, and "superhero clothes, he is super fast". And now I must end my memoirs of him, because he wants to play a computer game.


  1. Happy Birthday, J!

    Hooray--he's registered for preschool. Doesn't it feel like a weight has been lifted?

    Also, that picture is AMAZING! You need to date it and keep it. It's beautiful! He is definitely an amazing artist.

  2. Happy Birthday tomorrow! Oh he looks so grown up for a little 4 yr. old! I hope he likes his B-I-K-E! Boys are so funny when they are free to travel by themselves!