Tuesday, February 9, 2010

5 Year Anniversary

I never blogged about my new 5 year anniversary ring.
Years ago I got in my mind I needed a 5 year anniversary ring. "A winter ring"-- the jeweler laughed when I said that, and said his wife claims the same thing. My wedding ring is a 5 1/2-- which is great for pregnancy, my engagement ring is 5-- which is great except when the house needs heating, which is where my anniversary ring comes in, a 4 1/2 so I can fold towels in the winter time without flinging my ring across the room. (My engagement ring holds my wedding band on quite nicely, when I don't need the extra girth.) I love my new ring, my mom claims I designed it myself, which is partly true, but the design is hardly unique to me. Polka Dot rings are all the rage right now. I love it, technically I could also wear my diamond, but I think the band is too thick and makes everything look too much. Plus I like to show of the sapphires, my birth stone. Also I recently read the jewel of fifth anniversaries. So fitting, I'm just amazing.
I married a nice man, who has now bought three expensive rings that he didn't pick out, that he would have never bought if it wasn't for his love for me. The ring has 8 sapphires staggered around the band like that.


  1. Le, it's beautiful! My mom's wedding band has sapphires, and she has an anniversary ring with sapphires as well. They're just so pretty and add an elegant depth to the classic diamond.