Wednesday, April 8, 2009

One entitled, my dream

Forever ago I mention I had a blog post in my head entitled my dream, here it is.
Forever ago and week I was showing my husband, my friend Lauren's blog, she is an Intern in DC, and I was mentioning something about it to him. I also mentioned something about how sometimes I'm insanely jealous she is in intern in DC.
To understand why, you have to go on a journey to the past with me.
Three and half years ago, I remember very clearly (I am a visual person) sitting in Political Theory I was by the door in a desk, etc, I was very large and pregnant. It was always embarrassing to walk up three flights of stairs huffy and puffing, my big belly following the same pattern, then to have to go to the bathroom before my 50 minute class and after my 50 minute class. Not to mention I couldn't go longer than 50 minutes without eating while being pregnant with my son, so before class started I ate cheerios and got crumbs all over my protruding belly. Pregnant bellies are a magnets for food and crumbs. I swear they have an invisible force field. Anyway, so here I am in class big and pregnant, I always hoped and prayed there would be a chair by the door on the first row opened, because classroom was packed tight with desks, and no one wanted me to try to maneuver through all those desks. So now if you have been pregnant you can totally see the whole horror of the situation, and if you haven't been pregnant, well then let me assure it can be a horrific 9 months, especially when you are 21 and trying to finish your undergrad degree.
Back to the story here I was in Political Theory, and the lady in charge of Political Science interns came in the beginning of class to talk about the opportunities available, and how its time to start applying. She came into every polsci class I had that year, but I only have a visual memory of this class. It made me so sad, I remember looking down at my belly thinking I would never get to do a Political Science internship. Sure I can do plenty of political things in my life, but I would never be able to do a internship, I just knew it wasn't in the stars for me. Even if I wasn't pregnant at the time, I probably wouldn't have applied because I wouldn't have wanted to leave my husband for four months. So that is why I was telling my husband about how cool Lauren is, plus she has the power of Harlow.
Fast forward to forever again, this January when this post was originally thought of. Some how Brent and I wandered on Ron Paul's website, if you don't remember my husband and I are big fans of the Congressman from Texas. We ended up on Ron Paul's internship page. So then we started my dream.. (no its nothing like Martin Luther King's)
We were talking about my application to be his intern, and all the reasons why I should be his intern, including but hardly limited to my degree in PolSci. I can't remember all that was said, but we were saying if I got it, my husband would take a four month family leave of absence from work to take care of the kids while I interned, and how much fun we would have in DC for four months. I really can't remember all we said or all the plans we made but I know my daughter was less than two months old, so I was on the verge of tears, probably not because I didn't get to do an internship but because I was still post partum.
Oh how fantastic that would have been....
And now with all that you have some insights into my soul.
And honestly I might have seriously thought about applying, heck there is no reason for my husband not to take a four month unpaid family leave, he has the legal right but yet, I just want my husband to get his MBA done and over with. So instead of applying I'm looking up houses.

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  1. Oh, Lesli, you would be a fabulous intern, but buying a house is extremely exciting. I'm no where near that in my life, but sometimes I really wish I was. The grass is always greener, right? And I really think you have an amazing husband. That is so wonderful of him to offer to take the leave.

    Also, I love that you mentioned the power of Harlow because it's the best thing going for me. seriously.