Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nothing but History

Recently I have been thinking about church dedications. The church across the street from me was dedicated by President Joseph F. Smith, the church I attend my Sunday meetings in was dedicated by Heber J. Grant. Both impress me. I figured that the benefits of being alive 100 years ago. The idea of sitting in the chapel across the street from me, and listening to Joseph F. Smith is mind boggling to me, I can almost imagine it. But then I started to think, which helped me remember...
Back when I barely knew Brent and his friend Justin, I couldn't go disco skating on Saturday with them, because I had to go down to see my brother Ben for his birthday. But I had only found a ride down not a ride back to school, and so luckily for me, they were planning on going to Lindon for the day because their parents' wards' were getting a new a church building and it was being dedicated that afternoon. Brent picked me up from my brother's apartment and we went to hear Boyd K. Packer talk apparently he has ties back to Lindon. When Brent invited me to attend I thought yeah cool, the acting President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. It wasn't as cool as it sounds, he spent 95% of his time telling a history of Lindon, something I had absolutely no interest in. I probably wouldn't have even remembered it was Boyd K. Packer except I remember Justin wanted to make a joke to him about the Green Bay Packers. Once I remember that I can remember sitting on a side pew with Brent and his parents hearing President Packer's raspy voice. I think I have more memories of going to dinner afterward at the Reeves' house than the meeting. I also have very vivid memories of walking into my future in laws house for the first time, although at the time I never expected to date their son let alone marry him.
Back to church leaders, if my memory serves me correctly, that was one of three experiences. In addition to hearing President Packer, I attended a regional conference as a child with President Hinckley. My mom told us repeatedly how great it was to hear the prophet in person so my young memory remembers, seeing President and Sister Hinckley. I also heard Elder Bednar speak at a stake conference in Altanta which was a great experience, that is saying something because I was very sick and miserable from my first pregnancy. In fact I have notes from it in my scriptures.

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