Sunday, April 5, 2009


Here are our family's conference highlight.
Noticing how update to the church is... conference was taped widescreen, which was nice since we watch on a widescreen. AlsoI was looking up biographies on and found out the church is on twitter (although I am not).
On a more spiritual note, my husband was trilled when "The World Report" after Sunday morning session announced the new LDS version of the Bible.
He also decided he wants to work with the Benson Institute.
My son was so excited to listen to conference and hear the Prophet, we had been talking about it for weeks, in hopes of preparing my son for it. He did a much better job than I expected a three year old to do listening. In fact much better than I would expect a nine year old to do. From time to time I think he is an old soul. He sat through all four sessions of conference, as long as sitting through means, coloring, eating, and playing silently. He seemed to be listening the whole time, he would often repeat what the speaker had just said, here are some of things he heard, "Covenants"(he repeated covenants about 15 times) "Holy Ghost" "Attributes" "Faith" "More Faith" "Bad Habits" "President Monson, the Prophet" (repeated about 15 times) "Forgiveness" "Amen" "Holy Temple" "House of the Lord" Oh lets not forget, "Good" with a Portugal Portuguese accent. On Saturday whenever anyone would say President Monson, he would responded "the prophet". Today whenever anyone would say it, he would say, "I love my prophet". He is just a sweet boy like that.
My highlights were Robert D. Hale's talk about money, I have been very concerned about my finances lately, so it was nice to get an answer to prayers first talk in. It gave me a great guideline. Plus all the temple talks, I really need to re-start my temple attendance now that I'm not pregnant anymore. Take my son to the temple grounds. Start doing family history, I always wonder where to start, people tell me to not worry about it, I'm a young mom, but every conference I start worrying about it. Plus of course how could I listen to conference without feeling the need to become less causal with my prayer attitude. Last but not least add a picture of the temple in my front room.
My husband sighed when he saw what I was blogging about. I said what? I need to write this all down before I forget in a place I won't lose it.


  1. Just because your husband sighed I am going to post a comment. What a great recap of your conference experience. That little kid of yours is a lot like your husband. He was such a sweet old soul as a kid, then something happened and he became a goofy old soul. There were so many good talks this year.

  2. My aunt is one of the major translators of the new Spanish bible. She's so cool!

  3. I too loved the talk about finances... and indexing is always a good place to start on family history work... I try to do it everyday and it makes me not feel like my computer time is completely worthless!!!