Friday, April 3, 2009

Chili or Chile?!

My husband decided to throw a mission reunion tonight. He has been home for 6 years now.
We are having completos, its a hot dog with avocado. (An unnamed sister in law said Brent that's gross, his response was have you ever had one? No. Don't knock it until you try it.)
How good do you think it will turn out, did I make too many cookies, or not enough?
He told me it was my idea. Let me clarified...
I said if you want to big house to throw a party for your old mission friends, that is stupid, just throw it now while we are renting a big house, and let us save money and buy a smaller house. But his party got a little big, so we aren't even having it at our house anymore.
Finally after 7 months of living here I get to go to the big church across the street from me, not to be confused with the other 4 buildings within a mile of my house, we currently go to church .7 miles from our house, there are two buildings closer to me. Two buildings within my ward bountries, long story short this town is experiencing a mormon drain.
All I have to say is its a good thing we are mormon, because I could not afford alcohol for this size of a party. (That is suppose to be an ironic statement, since its a mission reunion for former LDS missionaries.)


  1. I am so bummed we cannot make it!
    Poor Jake is off at Camp Williams sleeping in a tent in the freezing snow... Y'all are awesome to host though!

  2. how totally very fun...can't wait to see how it goes.