Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm fine

I abruptly finished my random thought post, without even finishing my last thought, with a, to be continued. Here is why...
I was using the laptop as my husband was doing an install. We normally keep the laptop upstairs, but being the computer nerds we are, I wander downstairs on the laptop after the kids are in bed, while my husband either plays on the desktop downstairs or works at his work laptop downstairs. Yes, you can often find my husband working for his company at 10 oclock at night. I figured I would once again wander down.
Well the problem is we have stupid stupid stairs, which I would have still said last week too, they are dirty, steep, and carpeted. I have always hated our stairs, I want to rip out the carpet, and put wood paneling, or something else on them. The carpet is so yucky, and I can not clean them try as I might. Plus the old worn out carpet is slippery.
As I was carrying the laptop I fell down about 6 stairs. The stupid thing is my husband wasn't even downstairs. Apparently I screamed so he came to find me, I don't remember that, I just remember falling, then uttering brent very pathetically repeatedly. The first thing I cried was I'm sorry I dropped your laptop, it was sitting face down open on the floor next to me. Being the good person he is, he did not care about our cheap laptop we bought on sale.
Long story, slightly shorter, I did not have a concussion. Thank goodness. Some nice neighbor of ours should be grateful, even though they don't know it, because they didn't get a call at 11 oclock asking to come sit in our house while our children slept and my husband took me to the hospital. I did however get rug burns and bruises on my back and arms. Plus a goose egg the size of Manhattan on my head. Now two days later, my whole body hurts, especially my neck and my ribs in the front ironically enough. I am taking it easy, so as so allow my body to recover from the trauma.
That night I was suffering in pain I thought why did this happen to me, why couldn't it have been... I could not think of anyone I would wish it on, so I figured I would just have to endure it.
Not to mention, I started realizing all the reasons it could have been worse. At least I wasn't pregnant, at least I wasn't holding one of my children, at least it wasn't my grandma-- with as banged up as I got I don't know if she would ever move again if it was her, which is why she would never walk down stairs as dangerous as mine, at least I wasn't in a car accident, at least I didn't need to go to the hospital.
To end things off, why am I posting all this? I don't know. I guess because I find blogging therapeutic. After going to The Church History Museum's Eighth International Art Competition exhibit yesterday I wish I did something more amazing for therapy, but yet this is where I am in life. Also to really end things off, my sister does not need to feel obligated to call to check up on me, but I always enjoy a good conversation.

On a side note, speaking of health, my husband and I have definitely gotten on the health scare Swine Flu bandwagon, despite Ron Paul's advice.
Although in true fashion we have gone a bizarre direction.
First I read the BBC coverage. Then watched, BYU-ID Avian flu pandemic preparation video,
Then I'm sure my husband read a few dozen articles. Which led him to sharing this one about Epidemic Flu and Vitamin D with me. Which then led me to finding this answer about does sunscreen block vitamin D absorption? So now I'm more concerned about my family's lack of vitamin D, and how we can boost it without getting skin cancer.


  1. You and your husband really need to read Survival of the Sickest. It explains all the answers to those questions and more in a fun jocular manner...much like Freakenomics. Go check it out if it's at your library. The vitamin D part was one of my favorites. And today I am sure that my mom must have eaten poorly when she was pregnant with me, it would explain 10% of my oddities.

  2. Oh yeah, I am also glad that you are okay. Sorry you fell down the stairs.

  3. that fall does sound quite terrible...

    I enjoy reading your posts...they always get me thinking.

  4. Oh my goodness! So sorry you fell but glad that you're ok. Everytime I get on your blog I really miss you! I wish I could see you sometime soon and see your cute kids. Get feeling better!