Friday, April 17, 2009

Money happenings

My son is learning about money he is starting to understand that we buy things with money. He has started to tell me he needs money, so we have devised a chore chart. So far it is going well, he is require to pick up his toys, and take off his diaper in the morning without pay. After that he can get a dime if he puts away his laundry, or helps me unload the dishwasher, he has to put away everything on the bottom half of the kitchen. He also can help in the yard if Brent and I are working out there, sweep or wipe things off. His favorite chore is to get the spray bottle with water and wipe. This way he can also have a chance to pay tithing. The other day we weeded, we ended up with 4 grocery sacks full of weeds, and it was his job to get the plant in the bag, he ended up with a dollar a bag, pretty good money for a three year old in my opinion.
So yesterday we were at the store, and he picked out a bubble wand to spend his money on, then he said he needed to go buy food, I wasn't planning on getting food, I had already gone grocery shopping for the week, but he kept asking, without crying so went to go find something. We found off brand fruity pebbles for less than $2 and I haven't bought cereal in almost two months, so I figured I'd let him live a little. When we got home he got his piggy bank and told me he needed money out to pay for his cereal and bubbles. I said ok, I wasn't planning on him buying the cereal but I let him pay for it. I am impressed he is starting to understand money even if it just a little bit.
In a second money event, I take surveys for money. I started when I was in college and not working so I could get my husband a present. I have kept doing it even though I hate it, and don't think its worth my time. But apparently it is worth my time because I keep taking them. They lowered my pay from $5 to $3, it was depressing, but I still keep taking them. The money gets deposited in paypal, because it was ridiculous to deposit eight $3 checks at a time. I finally cashed some out yesterday. I have been wanting to get my daughter a doll, but everything I liked I couldn't justify spending family money on a toy she probably won't even play with. (We are trying to save for a house and MBA.) Yesterday I remember paypal, and found this doll. I'm so excited. Its probably more of a present for me than for her. I think my husband thought I was crazy, but I told him the reason I had a girl was so I could buy over priced cloth dolls. I'm turning into my mother through and through. I liked dolls when I was a girl, and I hated dressing up, but I had quite a bit of dolls, the non plastic ones can still be found in my old bedroom at my parents. I wouldn't have bought the doll without my paypal account, but I'm glad I bought it, so apparently it is now worth my time to take the surveys.


  1. how amazing!
    love the money story with your son! I cannot believe how well he grasps the concept!

  2. What is this survey thing you're talking about?

  3. I think that is so fantastic what you're doing with your son! Seriously such a good idea. I'm going to have to start doing that with Reagan. You're such a good mom. I have a lot to learn from you! Hope you're doing well. Wish I could see you on my way through your state. We're leaving really early tomorrow morning.