Friday, January 30, 2009


I feel like I haven't blogged much, yesterdays post was an old post I forgot to post. I haven't had time, my children are being demanding, I'm tired, and my son keeps wanting to watch Kim Possible. Who am I to say no? I watched it when it first came out on the Disney Channel with my brother while we were in High School.
In an effort to not wear me out, husband has told me don't be concerned with the amount of TV you and the boy watch for the next few months. Once you adjust to two or so months, you can scale back. Its a relief to know I'm not poisoning his mind. Although, two days ago instead of watching KP we read books for about two hours instead. That's got to nullify some of the tv viewing right? I have lots of great posts planned in my head. But its just too difficult to type one handed while I feed the baby.
One entitled, my dream
I was going to write an ode to my husband because I'm feeling very grateful for him lately, but when I started to write it sounded cheesy, so I stopped knowing words of affirmation is not really his love language. But he is great with our kids, and is very nice to me, so incidentally I'm very much in love with him. Which is good, because he is my husband. I love how when my husband and I are hugging, I hear my son start to laugh, and run up to us, and hug our legs. He gets one of my legs in one arm and one of Brent's legs in the other arm, and hugs tight, as he continues to laugh watching us. Then Brent takes it as a challenge to get me to ignore our cute son. Not to mention, I also am very grateful he takes pride in his ability to provide for his wife and kids. He is not open with his pride, you would never hear him tell anyone this, but yet, I know its very important to him. So I'm glad, he has taught me how great it is to get to stay at home with our kids.
I have pictures to upload, that I don't feel like, so...
You have to use your imagination.... ahh until later....


  1. at least your son hugs and laughs... our oldest says NO whenever we kiss each other.

  2. When J says no, that makes Brent think its a challenge, and tries to really distract me from our kids.