Monday, April 6, 2009


Did I mention that my pansies from last fall, that survived the snow? When the snow melted there they were budding, all I had to do was dead head them, and they were all purple and happy as could be, making me happy. Everytime it has snowed since I discovered them, I'm afraid it will ruin them or my growing tulips that haven't bloomed or budded yet. These pansies are the first plants that haven't died on my watch in my lifetime. It gives me hope for the future.
Although I bought a pot of flowers the other day, and have followed the instructions and they are not doing so well, and it has only been a week. Sad day for me. That is the problem with picking beauty over brawn. That is what is so perfect about pansies.

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  1. We weeded the beds today and found some surprises too. It is amazing what survives the snow and comes up in Spring!