Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh yeah

Becky remind me. I never posted pictures from this nephew's baby blessing.
My kid was in a choice mood, he slept into 11:20 am and didn't truly wake up until 3ish. All he would do is it in the chair.
See the chair.
Here is Nan babe and her two cousins. Oldest (august), middle (december), youngest (february), I think youngest is the biggest.
Later on the in the day we saw my old roommate, and we took pictures. But unfortunately I looked tragic all day, and I didn't realize until I saw the pictures afterward.


  1. cute & funny, thanks for posting them

  2. Just for the record, that oldest baby does have her legs bent so the foreshortening does make her look shorter than she really is, but she still might be smaller than that youngling there.

  3. I hate when I look tragic all day and don't realize until the pictures. That's the worst!

  4. Pam I think the oldest baby looks oldest, her head and face and hands and stuff, she just isn't very big. Which is a plus I think, small sized babies are easier to hold.