Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mission Reunion

I know everyone not on my husband's facebook is dying in anticipation to hear how the mission party went. It went great, so great I was super exhausted all weekend long. But miraculously I stay awake for all four sessions of conference. First thought, never ever ever tell a bishop we did this, because I never want to be call to activities committee leaders, truth be told I've been on the committee before and it was not my favorite calling in the world. Anyway, we had about 40 people so I made too many cookies, but I'm glad we only had 40. First off, I would rather have too many than too little, second I gave the rest to visiting teaching and home teaching people so it was all good, third we planned a pot luck where over half the people were single. I guess normal potlocks half the people don't bring stuff, I guess I don't know we had enough chips for about 300 people. Anyway, it went great. A few wives said to me I can't believe you agreed to this, I kept thinking, really? because I would assume you would do anything your husband asked if you thought it would make him happy. Same here, that's why I agreed to it. (Mind you I am friends with these women, my thought response which I never said is not suppose to be rude.) Here are four pictures because that is all piscasa lets me upload at once.
His mission president from California showed up. Who would have guessed.


  1. yay! we are so there in October when/if y'all host again :) here's to hoping y'all do!!!

  2. That is awesome! Pretty good showing and the president just happens to drop in!
    My mission pres. just got released from the YM's General PRes. I wonder what his calling now will be? I bet he hopes it is activities leader in his own home ward.