Saturday, April 25, 2009

Temple Fun

During my son's life time he has lived within 15 minutes of three different temples. We have moved a dozen and half times, but most of those dwellings have been temporary except for three. I have always had plans to take him to the temple grounds and play. Never once have I done it. I always figured we would just stop by on our errands. But as anyone with small children know errands always take twice as long as you plan to get half as much done. Not to mention they don't really build temples in this state by business parks. After conference this past month, I decided enough was enough, and I planned a trip. We brought along a cousin and her mom. Note N babe in the background, its her only photo debut of the day.
We were going to go for all three of us in this picture, but the babe had fallen asleep by then.
The tulips were gorgeous, I wish Brent was there, so we could try to get a family picture or two, and a picture of us just two without children.... but alas...

I switched from just basic auto photo setting, and my camera went back to widescreen, which means I won't be able to develop any of these photos without major cropping.


  1. These pictures are so beautiful!

  2. I like the picture where he is smelling the tulip but not picking it.