Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Making my day

My son was very funny a few days ago, here are the highlights.
He is way into Kipper, and always wants to watch him on Netflix. He paused to eat some food at the table, as he sat there, he kept laughing. I asked him if he was still laughing at Kipper, he said yes mom, through his giggles. He finds Kipper hysterical, I was impressed he was laughing after the fact.
He told me twice that he loved me, I don't think he has said that except at bedtime since November.
He has started to feel slighted in his conversation time when his dad and I are talking, and he will say, Mom stop talking. We are trying to teach him respect and manners, but I'm slightly confused how to teach it. None the less, we are trying to teach him a kinder way of asking me to let him speak. During dinner he once again said mom stop talking. I told him he needed to wait until I finished the story I was telling his dad, and then he could talk. When I was done, I said yes, what did you want to say. He hadn't thought this far in advance, he just knew he wanted his 2 cents worth. So after a moment of thought he told me, you are my mom, and Nan is my baby sister, and dad is my daddy. How true, truer words have not been spoken. I am so glad I was interrupted repeatedly for this.


  1. Is kipper the show with the dog and they hardly ever talk or don't talk at all? It has been along time for me.

  2. Kipper is the dog where they all talk in British and Scottish accents. They talk, not too much, probably a good amount for a three year old to follow. They DO talk, but not as much as gilmore girls.