Thursday, April 23, 2009

Eating time

Two days ago we started my daughter on cereal. The past month or so she was woken up more than she use to, so I figured it was high time for my sanity and sleep. Her first meal was gourmet-- outside on the front porch, in the evening sun, more liquid than solid, ahh the joys of rice cereal. She absolutely loved it, she ate and ate and ate, and continued to eat while we were eating dinner. She has been sad for a month or so when we ate our dinners and did not share. She was ecstatic to have something to eat during family dinner, so much so she did not want me to eat. She was thinking, how do you like 'em apples mom? (Note her cute feet.)

My son needed some photo attention after his sisters spotlight.
After eating and eating outside, daddy-o decided he didn't want to hold her, so they moved inside to the walker. Yesterday I fed her while she was in the walker, she loved having the ability to eat "solids", move, and watch the world all at the same time. She really was happy when I fed her in the walker, I thought it was ridiculous though, I had to hold the walker with my foot or she would roll backwards with each kick, that contained a glee of excitement.
She's thinking, MMmm, cereal so good, but so hard not to push straight out of my mouth with my tongue.

My husband's hand isn't really that massive in comparison to her head. He would be like the hulk.
After feeding her cereal yesterday I have to say, I sort of enjoyed it. She doesn't not particularly like to nurse, and only does it out of necessity, (until two days ago she would starve from lack of options if she boycotted nursing.) It was fun to feed her while she seemed happy. She eats the cereal so well, and loves it, and squawks if we don't feed it to her fast enough, then wanted to nurse afterward. Who would have thought cereal would be so enjoyable for both of us.
She totally does not understand a bottle... I figured might as well start, I've been meaning to have my husband give her a bottle for a month now, and well it just never happens. My husband loves not having to be involved with the feeding for the first couple of months. My son never got a bottle, we tried and tried, then we gave him a sippy cup at 5 months, then I started the bottle again at 9 months, and ditched the bottle by 15 months.
They say babies do not need water, J would not eat his baby food without a cup of water. Every few bites he needed a sip of water. N babe seemed fine without the water yesterday but I gave her some today, she also seemed to enjoy the water, but not quite as much as her brother.

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  1. neither of my girls liked rice cereal... and I like to give them a sippy cup of water with their food too