Friday, April 10, 2009

Getting his groove on

My son is obsessed with Cartoon Network's hit TV series, "Land Before Time" based on the same characters that appeared in the 20 billion movies before the hit TV series debuted in 2007. We get the DVDs from the library, and he will watch them non stop. I have never sat down to watch a single episode but I have the whole series memorize along with the songs. Apparently so does my son, my husband and I have noticed him dancing in his chair to the end credits. This is the first time in about two years I have seen my son dance. It has opened up his inner groove, which makes me happy after hearing extensive conversations about how my niece is just a natural dancer. I'm glad he can be as cool as her and feel the rhythm. We have started to have mini dance parties, only a song or two, I'm too out of shape for more. And well its a good time, because my son danced to the Cure today with me. Life is good. Not to mention we were making sugar cookies at the time, so life was REALLY good!

1 comment:

  1. my brothers loved land before time back in the day!

    yay for the CURE! Jake thinks it is funny I like them