Friday, April 3, 2009


My child hoards, he has hoarded ever since he has been capable of hoarding. He use to require multiple cups of liquid at the table, and would cry bloody murder if I tried to get rid of them while he was awake. Now he collects what he deams as treasures. Little things he finds all over the house. It drives me nuts but what can I do. This..
I look through it when he isn't around and pick out all the pieces of trash and junk mail. Yes you read me correctly. That might be terrible but still that's what I do.
It has gotten to new proportions he will pick up pieces of lint and other pieces of small garbage off the ground and put them in his treasure boxes. He has all these little boxes on his dresser fulled with junk, anything from money, to my hair clips, to a bead, to a pomp pomp.
He stopped hoarding his drinks when we gave him an old peanut can with a slit in the lid for a piggy bank, and one of my jewelry boxes to collect his rocks in. Now his collection has expanded and it taking over his dresser and my living room.
My solution is a tackle box.
All his treasures must fit in the tackle box, I'll keep you updated on how it works. No news is good news, although it might be failed news too. Most likely you won't be updated.


  1. I think it runs in the family...we do come from a long line of hoarders. My 9 yr. old hoards too. She has taken over more then half the room that she shares with her two other sisters with just her treasures and trinkets.