Monday, April 20, 2009

Birthday for a space man

We went out for my uncle in law's birthday, in case you are confused, my husband's uncle, who is probably now classified as my uncle. If you want to understand the title, you had to have heard the funniest thing Kim said in her entire life. Unfortunately I can't remember what she exactly said something about the Uncle being like a space man who has to breath oxygen on earth. It was quite fun to watch our son interact with his great uncles, they are all SO good with children. This uncle started joking with our kid during cake, so he had him help him open his presents. Brent and I found it hysterical to watch the uncle say hurry hurry, and shake his hands by the present, and watch my son totally fumble and get nervous, but laugh and enjoy every minute of it.
While there I mentioned to my sister in law that Brent and I have only had one picture taken of us without children since we've had children. She said oh I'll fix that, and proceeded to take a picture of us, which i think turned out very well, but then we realized a child was in the picture.
Granddaughter hanging out with grandpa, and great uncle. She was excited to go visit the genetic origin of her ears.
The day after the party, as we were getting ready for church, and I was holding my daughter up so she could stand. Her brother walked in the room, and said, "Mom she's a ballerina!" It made my sunday. Princesses held no interest for me as a small girl, only ballerinas, how did my son know. I doubt she looks like a ballerina in this picture though. You have to realize my son probably bases his view of ballerina's off of Degas. Degas' pictures in Mini Masters, has ballerina's painted with long flowing tutus. Much like my daughters dress, when she was standing.


  1. she totally looks like a ballerina! and I too never took interest in the "princess-ness" of it all

  2. I can't remember the conversation about Max being a spaceman either...but I remember that the comment was highly appropriate.