Thursday, April 2, 2009

My theory

I have a theory about children in stores. No matter how monstrous or angelic my children are acting it will not change a person's opinion of children. They either think one of three things:
1. The child is the cutest thing in the world, even if they a pitching a fit
2. The child is a demon, just like all children
3. Does expend mental energy on thinking about children, whether they are behaving good or bad

But it still begs the question, am I the only one that pushes a cart around the store screaming my three year old's name to come back here right now. I never notice other moms doing that but maybe I'm just busy with my own. Most of the people I notice, have a carseat on the top of a cart, and a quiet older child in the main part of the cart. What is wrong with my picture? My child refuses to let me put him in the cart. He only goes in when he his dad is punishing him, but even as punishment I can't get him in without knocking me and the cart over.


  1. you are braver than me... I never shop alone... when we went to the pet store for playgroup I spent the entire time chasing my oldest that I finally just put her in the buggy so I could rest... I'm sure your boy is stronger than my girl and I agree about ppl thinking those things

  2. My 6 year old either runs ahead and gets lost because he doesn't see me turn a corner, or he straggles behind and gets lost for the same reason, or he stays with the cart and gets in my way and gets ran my husband says "There's just no pleasing some Pams"

  3. I can't get my kids to stop fighting over who gets to be in the cart. If they could they would all be in there with me pushing my hardest to get the thing to move.

  4. Is it a bad thing when I can find my husband anywhere in the store because Tessa is screaming so loud EVERYONE can hear her??? The worst is using the double stroller. She despises it. It becomes the wailing and nashing of teeth when we try to put her in it. But she usually calms down after about 4-5 mins, well, calms down enough that I don't hear her anymore, you know how we moms tend to tune out fussiness and electronic toys. Kirk can't handle it, so he leaves her out. Then we are chasing her all over the store. I tried walking away, around the corner, to see if she would freak out and follow, but she just sulks and doesn't seem to care that I am gone. What to do?? Anyays, I just let her cry in the cart after she has run away once. I feel bad for the other people around me, so I try and hurry, but she's 2, I just hope she grows out of it. Goodness this is a long comment, sorry :)