Thursday, April 23, 2009

Its been said...

"Cleaning house is like stringing beads without a knot tied at the end."
How true that is...
Before my son was born, my nesting instinct was on hyper drive, I cleaned nonstop. If I was doing homework, I was cleaning, I use to clean my microwave more than weekly.
Before my daughter was born, it seemed like my son and I had all day to play and enjoy each others company. The only problem was he was growing up faster than I was getting sleep, and he was quickly losing interest in just hanging out with mommy all day. Laundry once a week, dishes every other day, sewing all the time, playing all the time, reading as much as we wanted.
Then entered my new baby, I needed one, my first had grown up at some point when I blinked my eyes. His pants sag and his underwear hangs out. Ok, so his underwear has thomas the tank engine on it, or Mickey Mouse, and his pants sag because he is a skinny little preschooler, but he does not have a diaper to hold his pants in place.
Now the beads are falling all over the floor faster than I can sweep them up.
Its a mad house here, dishes multiple times a day, if I don't run the dishwasher daily I'm handwashing more than fits in my drying rack. At least one load of laundry a day, if not two. There is no possible way every floor in the house is toyless and dirtless at the end of the day. The table needs wiping, the stove is caked (I clean it at least every other day, if not daily), plus I've been meaning to bake bread for three days now. I bake in a bread maker, so it takes about 10 minutes to pour all the ingredients in and push start.
I can't figure out why one little person would bring so much choas into our lives? She doesn't dirty dishes, well she didn't before Monday. But I would not trade her for the world. With one I thought this is a lot of work I never want to do this again. A only child sounds so nice, but now I realize two is so fun. I figure now I'll have babies until it stops being fun, or we can no longer fit in a mini van. But yet, its crazy.
I've started to cook from sratch, I trying to get organized after living here for 8 months-- dejunking, I'm cleaning more regularly, my daughter will be crawling before I'm ready, and if I don't get in the habit of cleaning the floor she will turn into my moving dust pan. I've started to exercise, because well its pathetic when you can barely move and you aren't even 25. So as I've tried to make my life more balanced, I don't have time for anything! Crazy how that works!
So if you come to my house just know, I'm stringing the beads as fast as I can, only the faster I string the messier it gets.

Post Script: I've decided to just stop washing the full length mirrors, plus President Monson warned I'll miss the finger prints when their gone. As does my mom, and as did her grandma. Which I believe is true, I love little fat fingers! I think they look like linked sausage.


  1. I loved the stringing beads analogy! so appropriate.

  2. I have to tell you how true that is! I love the analogy and have used these past few days.