Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Two completely different thoughts

Am I the only who has noticed Cindy McCain does not have the ability to sound like she relates to the average middle class American? From what I've seen about her, she tries really hard to sound down to earth, but just makes herself that much more of heiress. Parents Magazine had a thing about her as a parent, and the Obamas as parents. Although Michelle Obama seems a little controlling as a mother, they at least seemed like average Americans; reading the interview about Cindy McCain was like reading a celebrity try to tell people she is just an average person like you who wears Gucci.

Next thought:
Yesterday morning, my son and I were up earlier enough to say good bye to my husband before he left for work. When we wake up this early, I always find monday mornings traumatic. We got a husband/daddy for 80 hours nonstop, but now all of sudden we are left on our own. My son and I usually get one quite stellar during the day, but it so much more exciting with a third in the house. When I said good bye to my husband I said, I'm going to miss you terribly. He said good, I said don't think I should start getting over this? He said, no, that would mean you are complacant with me. My thought: Isn't life grand?

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