Wednesday, October 1, 2008


As my report indicated, I have been away. I have not only been busy, I have been too tired to upload pictures. Considering all that has happened in the last week or so, I have lots of pictures to explain events, but I've been too tired to upload. So now that I am back expect lots of pictures posts for a few days. That will be a relief for any of you who think this blog is too wordy.
I really have been too tired, you know you are tired when people keep asking you if you are ok. Normally its kind of annoying to hear people ask you are you ok? but it was a relief to know I wasn't just being a whiner, and I truly was tired. I may normally look tired, but people don't normally ask me if I'm tired.
On a side note, I made a political discovery. Who I would vote for if I vote for one of the major candidate, but I'll keep that a secret. My grandfather says, he is going to write himself in for President, and put me as VP. I replied to him, sounds good, you probably have about the same amount of experience of McCain, (I assume they are both around the same age)(I base his experience on the book) and I have probably more National political experience than Palin since I have an undergrad in Polsci. (Sounds harsh I know, but I don't see her as having any experience at all that, that would help as VP.)


  1. By that calculation, Grandpa should win! He has at least 12 years more life experience than McCain, and I'm pretty sure that running a stake is more intense than community organizing.

  2. I meant all that time he spent working with the military and NASA, not necessarily life years. Although based on McCain's VP pick he doesn't think its much more than community organizing, and PTA.

  3. I'm glad your back. I thought maybe you were mad because we didn't call you on your birthday, or send a card, or anything, which is simply because we aren't nice people around here. Happy birthday.