Monday, October 13, 2008


I am done getting furniture for our new house. Yea! Today I got a recliner. Here is the picture of the nondescript whitish most likely vinyl lazy boy. I was planning to get a new one during my second pregnancy since we graduated, but the economy is not so hot, so it seemed ridiculous to spend more money on a chair for one, than we spent on our couches (We got a steal on those). So instead I checked out Internet classifies. Luckily I have a very nice brother in law, last night while at his house, I found the ad. His wife, told him to call for me, since my husband didn't want to call for me. Then he and my sister in law took me up to get the chair and brought it back to my house. It was a fantastic deal, because not only is the chair in good condition for less than $100, I didn't have to call or drive. Thank for all the help!
Now I have a nursing chair.

I'm almost all ready for the baby now.
I've gotten all my baby stuff almost.
I still need a baby swing
a bath tub,
and more baby towels (I know kind of pointless, but I still use them on my son, and we barely have enough as it is.)

But all of those will be less than 20 a piece.

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  1. I have a bathtub for you if you want it, you can decide this weekend and take it away with you if you do.