Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Best Part

The best part of my birthday weekend was I got a rug for my living room, and my parents weeded our front gardens.  Ok, so that probably wasn't the best part both make me very happy everyday.
I thought I wanted a geometric patterned rug, but when I went back there was only floral. I looked in about two dozen stores and decided I couldn't find a rug this soft (requirement given by my husband) for under a $100 anywhere else, so I went back and got the floral.  It matches well with the room, so the floral has grown on me.

These are the ducks that guard our front door.
See how neat the bed looks.  Before, it looked awful, the owner of our house isn't much of a gardener. There was a three foot tall oak tree sprout about 18 inches from the house foundation, which can turn out very bad for the foundation. My son wanted the scarecrow, I let him get it because it was only a dollar at the dollar store. I personally would have never picked out a craft scarecrow. My husband planted the paisies while my mom and I were at conference.  
This bed I thought was full of weeds, turns out its over grown tiger lilies.  Luckily my parents came out, I thought a lot of things were weeds that were just overgrown.  I had mentioned I wanted their help, and since my son wanted to play with them instead of wake me up, I got to sleep in until 8:30 and, they did it all before I got up, including planting my tulip bulbs. 
By the way this tree is fake.  Rather cheesy I think, but it would look barren without it, and I don't own the house so oh well.


  1. I didn't know the bed was new! Looks great!
    I LOVE the rug, what a find!