Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wildest Dreams Came True

I must have voted for Pedro, because all my wildest dreams came true. Graco has made a swing that you hook your carseat into. I always wanted something like this. Not only is it easier to store when the baby is too old to swing, since it doesn't have a bulky seat. It makes for lesser clutter around the house during the infant stage. I wouldn't have a bulky carseat and swing in my front room. This really is my wildest dreams, the only question is can I justify spending an extra $30 to buy this new ($50 total), instead of spending $20 for a used swing. Oh the dreams of life....


  1. It's worth it! Do it! Do it!

    Not that I have any experience, but I say treat yourself to your wildest dream!

  2. Can't you just leave your child in it's carseat and put it on your front porch swing? Super cheap! :)

  3. I'll chip in $10 if you give it to us when our kid is born.