Saturday, October 11, 2008


My son has been escaping from bed recently, as previous mentioned. Not only does he come out at 5:30 in the morning, he comes out about 20 minutes after we put him to bed. (Once he gets his full dose of thumb sucking with the blanket.) I quickly take him back to bed, well actually quickly say, Brent. If I go in there, I'm stuck for over an hour, until he finally falls asleep enough, he doesn't notice me missing. His dad gives him the courage he needs to be independent. Last night we were watching a movie, and I told my husband that he was out of bed. We turned around, and there he was sitting on the landing in the staircase smiling. His dad went to put him to bed. He cried, so first he got a hug from his mom. Ten minutes later my husband came back down, I was surprised he came back so quickly. He said he had enlightening discussion with his son. I asked what about, here is how it went.
B: what's wrong?
J: eh (I have no idea what it meant this time)
B: are you scared about something?
J: yes
B: is it something outside? (I can't remember the specifics of what my husband said)
J: no
B: another few questions about things a child might be scared of
J: no response to all of them
B: are you scared of being alone?
J: yes
B: well lets find you a friend?
J: eh (meaning yes)
B: where are your babies?
J: box
B: do you want this one?
J: no
B: asking about another couple of stuff animals?
J: no to all of them
B: (pulling out the rhino) how about this one?
J: yes
B: ok good night

I was proud of different levels, one that my husband and my son did such a good job of communicating with each other. My kid is pretty good at communicating for a his age (i think) he just doesn't know the words to express himself, but he will tell you if you are guess right or wrong. I can communicate well with my son, because I am around him all day but, my husband can't always interrupt as good as me, since he is gone during the day providing us with a living.
I was also proud that my husband solved the problem, I have been trying to solve for weeks. Thank goodness parenting comes in twos.
Finally I was proud, because my son did not get out of bed before 7:30 this morning. When he did wake up, he brought his rhino first then went back for his blanket.

(My child can definitely sense a change coming. Whether its a new baby in two months, or fall turning into winter, I'm not sure. It is suppose to snow today, maybe he'll calm down after that. But I doubt it, I'm sure its the baby sister.)

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