Wednesday, October 1, 2008

10 weeks

I have 10 more weeks until I become the mother of two. I am so not ready. 10 weeks is way too soon. I felt like pregnancy took so long the first time, now with each passing week during my second pregnancy I say, no slow down, I'm not ready for two. Or in another words, nine months the first time around seemed like a near eternity, 9 months this time, is like a blink of an eye, its not even a third of my firstborns life. My sister said, don't worry you will get more and more miserable and want the baby out, by the time 10 weeks passes. I said no, I know the secret now, the baby is easier in the womb than out of it. I told my husband maybe she'll be late and we'll get 12 more weeks. He had already said he isn't ready either, and 10 weeks is too soon. But when I mentioned late, he said no, you want her to come on time since people are coming for Christmas. I said true true. Dang conception date that put the due date in December.

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