Thursday, October 9, 2008


An amazing phenomenon in my opinion is, when you put things off that you want to buy, normally life has a way of simplifying itself. Half the things you thought you needed, you realize you really didn't need. Which then makes it possible to afford the other half of the things that you've decided you really do need. Even though you don't need them, because people survived thousands of years before the stuff was ever created, but yet, the things you decided you need do make life easier. So it was worth it right?

I wonder what the relation is between amount of junk in someone's house, compared to the amount of consumer credit owed?
I mean sure I have my fair share of stuff, but if paying the bills in full wasn't a priority then I would have a lot more. But maybe I'm an outlyer.

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  1. You know, I was just going to blog that since I've really decided to live within my means, it's a lot easier to decide whether or not I can afford something. I just check my wallet and say NOPE!