Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Early Voting

This weekend I convinced my husband to take me early voting. Early voting is a joy, to walk in there sign up, fill out the ballot, get your sticker, and walk out, unlike election day voting, which is just a lot of long lines and waiting. My son came along too, and got a sticker at the end. Luckily his dad knew what he was doing, when he wouldn't let my son stay with me, I wondered why, once when we went to vote, it then made sense when he had to pick up our son to see the voting machine. I couldn't have picked him up to allow him to see what voting was, thank goodness for a husband with foresight. All day long I told him how proud I was that he had voted, at which he would look down at his sticker. I told Brent at the end of the day, if what they say is true, and what you say to a child in the first two years of life has the most impact, then our son will always have a positive view of voting, because all day long I've told him I was proud he voted. Brent replied oh good, that will balance out everything I told him while we were voting. The whole time I told him what a terrible state our government is in, if these are the people have to chose between for voting. I laughed at my husband's doom and gloom opinion.

Quite on accident, our Monday family home evening was a nice follow up to voting. We randomly choose to do a flannel board story on Moroni, the Title of Liberty, Helaman and the 2,000 Stripling warriors. We spent a long time focusing on the Title of Liberty, and why defensive wars are ok, but offensive wars or not. Well a long time for a two year old. He was very receptive, the whole time saying, "yes" after every statement we said. My husband tried to teach him the three most important things are, "God, Family, and Freedoom," for whatever reason my son refused to repeat the three things. He seemed uncomfatble saying God, I had to explain to him, God is another name for Heavenly Father.

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  1. Genius. I would do early voting if I'd decided who to vote for. I'm terribly disappointed with my options, like Brent.