Friday, October 17, 2008

More Baby Blankets

In honor of this weekend, its that time again, my viewers favorite post. Baby Blankets!
My husband's cousin's wife had a baby at some point in the recent past, and I made them this for their shower. I LOVE the ducks, the back is flannel.
Both of the blankets are made out of favorite material. I told you this material would be showing up again. The blanket was shipped and sent to a niece. I realized on the second one of these blankets the ties look much better when they are darker bolder colors than pastels like I used on my sister's. If she wants darker ties she can order them.


  1. Thanks for reminding me that I needed to say thank you for the blanket. I was going to send a thank you card, but it is taking me longer than I expected to get some thank you cards out. You might still get one, if I ever get around to it. If it's not dirty it is the blanket we take to church with us, it's a great cover up blanket and it's not too bulky, and the colors usually match what I am wearing (I bet you didn't realize I worried about matching the my babies blankets to my own clothes, especially since I don't usually worry about my skirt matching my shirt) Plus, if I fold the corner with the name down so it shows while I'm holding her, I don't have to tell everyone I come across what we named her. So, Thanks!

  2. Yeah!! I like those reversible baby blankets!!