Thursday, October 23, 2008

Funny Story

While we were up visiting family this weekend, a 5 year old nephew after church asked me this,
"Are you pregnant?"
I smiled/laughed and said "yes", I wondered if that was the first time he had noticed my baby bump, or if it was just the first time he had a chance to ask.
We then gave him a ride home from church, while in the back seating, thinking he was the coolest nephew around, since he got a ride with Uncle Brent, he said,
"Uncle Brent you need a bigger family."
We laughed, and I said, "We are working on it, I'm pregnant, we can't go any faster."
His response, "oh"
Then he told us that it is confusing to have two Brents. I told him to ask Aunt Pam why there are two. I don't think he will.

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