Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween FHE

We carved pumpkins last night. Hopefully they don't rot in the next 10 days. I don't know when the standard time to carve is, and I was afraid if we didn't do it this monday it wouldn't get done next Monday. Plus since my son went down for a nap at 11:30 yesterday because he was so tired from cousin fun we had a late lunch, so we could carve before it got dark and eat after it was dark. My husband started off with drawing the face.
This picture is deceiving, my son only stuck his hand in the pumpkins twice, and he only touch the inside once. Don't I look 33 (out of 40) weeks pregnant? Once again drawing the face. For some bizarre reason I bought two pumpkins, I told my husband this is the last year I do that until our daughter is old enough to know what is up. I guess it was to make up for the lack of pumpkin I didn't bought last year. It was the only year of our marriage we didn't carve pumpkins, I blame it on apartment dwelling, it was also the only year we lived in a complex. Plus our front door didn't go straight outside.My son sort of helped carving, I think he helped my husband carve the whole first pumpkin, but got really bored quickly with my carving. This was the first year I was allowed to carve, normally I scare my husband with the knife and he takes over.My son was very proud of the finished products. One is a girl and one is a boy with a frown. My husband said they were replicas of us, and so with my son standing with them it was the whole family. The best part of carving pumpkins is cooking the seeds afterward. I'll let you in on a secret I never wash the seeds before roasting them in the oven. It was almost worth it to have two pumpkins because that meant more seeds. Bizarrely enough the cheapest place I found to buy pumpkins around my area was whole foods, they were $3 for each organic pumpkin. I could have gotten bigger ones for $3 but I didn't want to give myself contractions, even wally world cost more.


  1. Those look great and they are plenty big!

  2. I hate carving pumpkins, bah humbug. My husband loves it. My son loves pumpkins and hates carving them due to the fact that they have innards. We have had huge pumpkin carving wars in the past when it was supposed to be happy fun family time because I wouldn't let my son carve his pumpkin unless he helped take out the insides. I stay away from the whole operation now, and I think my marriage may stay intact, until it's time to decorate the Christmas tree anyway.